Travelling Timmy

So play nice, be back online tomorrow.

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  1. bloke (not) in spain

    To open a possible topic of discussion, has anyone else been following the Sad Puppies story? There being a few SF aficionados amongst the commentariat an’ that. It’s been enjoyable watching the Social Justice Warriors in disarray, for once & much of the posting here more concerns their relentless advance.

  2. Well new one on me.
    Thoughts: a) genius meme.b) writers squabbles are more catty than puppy. C) US culture wars are carried out on all fronts.

  3. @BNIS

    I’m not interested in sci fi but I have followed it a bit. Most amusing. The fact is, the wilder edges of this lunacy (eg the NUS safe space/jazz hands insanity) are so mad that ordinary folks will turn against them. Only confused totalitarians, bullying monomaniacs and narcissistic liars will still be onside.

    The left *will* eat itself.

    The only question is how much estuarial effluent we will have to swallow before the tide turns.

  4. I’d love Labour to embrace the Greens/Plaid Cymru & the SNP and try to bring this country back to the real centre ground.

    Young Marcus of course..;

  5. So Much for Subtlety

    Matthew L – “The vast majority of “SJW” type people were rolling their eyes at the jazz hands nonsense too.”

    No they weren’t. Or it would stop.

    “Regarding the Hugo awards thing:”

    Someone writes some idiotic comments about a dispute he does not understand and yet manages to miss the point entirely? Amazing. People in glass houses should not be calling other people stupid. But of course he has to stick to the standard SWJ-meme that this is all about dying White men.

    Matthew L – “And if you can’t be bothered reading that one, here’s one by George RR Martin:”

    To which Larry Correia responds:

  6. bloke (not) in spain

    I think you’re getting your “responses” out of sync there. The response you link to is to GRRM’s previous post, not the one Matthew’s linked to. Presumably, like the no 9 bus, there’ll be another along shortly.

  7. So Much for Subtlety

    bloke (not) in spain – “Presumably, like the no 9 bus, there’ll be another along shortly.”

    Presumably. G. R. R. Martin was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War – that is, a c*nt of the first order, well, second order these days – so no doubt he will try to squash this rebellion and make the world safe for the Social Justice Warriors.

  8. Can you find me an example of anyone outside the lunatic fringe of the NUS supporting that jazz hands crap?

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