Something’s not quite right with this version of the universe. Doing a Google ego check I find that Alan Reynolds (Cato, Reagan Admin), Brina Doherty (Reason) and Brad Delong (Clinton Admin, Berkeley), so bit of an ideological spread there, have each linked to something of mine with comments along the lines of “you know, he’s got a point there”.

That can’t be right. Not for someone who is only writing about economics so as to make his mortgage nut.

21 thoughts on “Weird Times”

  1. Ecks-o

    I admire the fact that you can live in the woods eating berries and all that, but jesus weeps, you’re a twat.

  2. You’ve got a rare knack for both spotting that which others miss, and writing succinctly.

    For example many economists can argue til dawn about whether the growth in food banks is caused by “austerity”. Then you point out that the main cause is delays in the benefits system. So simple, yet missed by so many.

  3. I don’t understand why Tim doesn’t get himself a part-time role as advisor to some think tank so he can be invited onto radio shows and quoted in the Mail and therefore gain an aura of ‘competence’ like Murphy.

    He could then rebut every Murphyism with words to the effect that “he’s not actually an economist y’know, he’s a retired accountant”.

    That would be huge fun.

  4. I am at a think tank (Adam Smith Inst) but I’m not in London. That’s why so few media invites.

  5. Madsen Pirie is an excellent media commentator for the ASI: entertaining, likeable, articulate, logical. Unfortunately his preference for bow ties marks him out as a bit of a loony in some people’s eyes. (Don’t forget that the Greek finance minister not wearing a tie made him a radical genius for some people).

  6. Armald–as ever a stunning logical destruction of my thesis. You peddle sanctimony despite being an active supporter of mass murder but its ok cos I’m a twat.

    Aristotle couldn’t have done better.

  7. but I’m not in London. That’s why so few media invites.

    That’s probably also why attractive 35 year old female economists aren’t beating a path to your door.

  8. Johnnydub–It has been my –unfortunately not extensive–experience that cunts definitely need feeding.

  9. Well come on then, don’t keep us in suspenders, what was the pearl of wisdom that they were all agreeing with?

  10. Squander Two

    They must have telephones in deepest Portugal ‘cos Tim uses this internetty thing

    And I know they have airports ‘cos half the UK goes to the Algarve every year.

    I reckon it’s Tim. He’s turning the gigs down and hiding from the 35 year old attractive economists who most certainly are beating a path to his door.

  11. “Not for someone who is only writing about economics so as to make his mortgage nut.”

    I don’t know about that, Tim. Wouldn’t economics suggest a certain purity of incentive there would have that kind of effect?

  12. Some of those links might, of course, be critics (surely true of me and Brad). But I follow you on Twitter because I find your work of interest, a bit unpredictable and frequently sound.

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