I remember back in the 1970s that the late and saintly Tony Benn wanted to nationalise the Times, which was then a Paper of Record and not the rightwing rag it has become under the unpopular and undemocratic Murdoch Terror.
Maybe now is the time to nationalise the BBC properly (and maybe the Times too) to ensure their genuine integrity as impartial agents of a Courageous State.


I am as opposed to neoliberalism as anyone, but this is the sort of teenage infantile Marxism that gave it a toehold in the 1970s and led to the literal carnage of the miners in the 1980s.
I am surprised Mr Murphy has seen fit to let this comment through.


Richard Murphy says:
April 6 2015 at 8:01 am

I let “it” through because I think it sound analysis based on accurate observation of what is happening in an increasingly neo-feudal society


15 thoughts on “What?”

  1. Philip Scott Thomas

    …teenage infantile Marxism…

    Which is it, teenage[d] or infantile?

    …the literal carnage of the miners..

    The misuse of “literal” literally makes my head explode.

  2. The only carnage during the miners strike was when Murphy’s fellow travellers dropped a concrete block on a taxi taking two non Scargillites to work. Literally.

  3. @ Philip Scott thomas
    “Literal” should be “literary” – the only carnage of miners, rather than by miners, was in fiction. The only person to die was a taxi-driver killed by strikers.

  4. I was giving Murph the benefit of the doubt and it’s a crossing of comments.

    i think Murph was referring to the whole artricle by Andrew Baker that he has used as the blog post, not the excellent analysis by our friend Sue Queef.

  5. impartial agents of a Courageous State

    No such thing, the only “impartial agent” of government is no agent at all.

    Another mysterious use of the “state” entity being separate of the people that constitute it. People are not impartial, therefore any “agent” populated by people will not be impartial. It continues to amaze me that people of my age have lived so long and not realised this.

  6. Whomever ‘Sue Queef’ is – please keep going – It is an absolutely superb spoof of his total lack of awareness – of anything….

  7. Philip Scott Thomas

    …Tony Benn wanted to nationalise the Times…

    Honest question: did Lord Wedgwood really want to nationalise The Times? Any references?

  8. “The only person to die was a taxi-driver killed by strikers.” The jury said murdered rather than “killed”. It was some Thatcherite judges, as lackeys of the imperialist, capitalist, fascist, neo-liberal ruling classes, that ruled that it had been manslaughter. The scum got out after five years. The driver, Mr Wilkie, remained dead.

    Let’s hang all the judges.

  9. Jack C

    Ah – Mrs Deirdre Dutt-Pauker

    It was a robust post, on ISAs & houses..:)

    She’s clearly away with the fairies, so obviously a useful asset to the team over there in “developing the themes I am discussing” (per Richard’s moderation policy)…

  10. PST

    I remember Anthony Wedgwood-Benn making noises about nationalising The TImes sometime between 1976 and 1978, but am unable to find the references to it. Moves were also afoot in 1959 or thereabouts. Of course there was a whole year when The TImes wasn’t published due to industrial action.
    Strange days!

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