What The Guardian considers a highlight

In their “Highlights” section today:

It has been three years since I had an orgasm

Hmm, not sure I’d really describe that as one of the possible highlights of a life.

8 thoughts on “What The Guardian considers a highlight”

  1. How can anyone come while David Cameron is in power, wreaking neo Thatcherite austerity on the land? She gets so close and then she remembers that the money for Sure Start has been cut and…

    (One of the many things I miss about the country we have lost is that this sort of thing was kept private.)

  2. I’m fairly certain that since puberty I couldn’t “celebrate three days without an orgasm. Note that I’m not trying to suggest that anyone else was present for the majority of those.

  3. So Much for Subtlety

    The author was what passes at the Guardian as a man, right?

    Frankly I am torn. I don’t know which is more appalling. The thought of Polly going three years without an orgasm. Or sex for that matter. Or the thought of Polly getting it on before getting off.

    Actually that applies to a lot of people at the Guardian. At best I can see them grimace as they do it once or twice purely for the purpose of procreation.

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