Wouldn’t this be fun

Russian hackers managed to breach White House security, accessing non-classified but sensitive information, including the president’s non-public schedule, according to a report from CNN. Speaking with officials with knowledge of the attack, investigators including the FBI, Secret Service and US intelligence agencies have found “tell-tale codes” and “markers” that pointed to Russian operators, though no more evidence was forthcoming.

The White House originally notices suspicious activity on its network back in October 2014. To get to the White House, the hackers first breached systems at the State Department and then used typical techniques of state-sponsored attackers.

If the original breach took place through Hillary’s private server?

After all, if you’d known about it, that is the first place you would have started looking for a potential breach….

12 thoughts on “Wouldn’t this be fun”

  1. Bloke in Costa RIca

    Because it could be used as a stick to beat Clinton with and if she wins the Presidency it will be a fucking disaster (i.e. possibly millions of deaths disaster because she is part of the current US diplomatic degringolade and will likely double down on Obama’s poltroonery).

  2. I’d have thought the idea of Hillary’s personal server is that it wouldn’t in anyway be on any governmental network, so doesn’t strike me as a likely access point (as a networks layman).

  3. Philip Scott Thomas

    The real question is whether that nice Mr Putin will now publish Obama’s birth certificate and university transcripts. That would really put the cat among the pigeons.

    OK, yeah, yeah. I know. Still…

  4. The real question is whether that nice Mr Putin will now publish Obama’s birth certificate and university transcripts. That would really put the cat among the pigeons.

    He won’t, any more than the Allies would have assassinated Hitler during WW2, and for the same reason.

  5. I’m no fan of Christopher Hitchens, but his take-down of Bill Clinton (“No-one Left to Lie To”) is a great read. Hillary comes off looking almost as bad as he does.

  6. Probably a lot of golf games, a couple of memos from Val about when was he going to deliver on Iran, Michelle’s salad suggestions and a refusal to stump for Shrillary….

  7. Philip Scott Thomas

    Fair enough. Point taken. I should have written:
    ‘…whether that nice Mr Putin will now claim to publish Obama’s birth certificate and university transcripts.’

  8. I’m with Andew Oatersib. This isn’t really a plausible vector for compromising govt security. I’m almost sure that the Russians/Chinese/French compromised that server and could read all ingoing and outgoing mail, but the only vaguely sensitive compromise-related info available there would be the inbound/outbound Internet addresses of govt email systems (stupidly easy to get anyway) and the various Internet addresses that Hillary used to connect to that server.
    There’s a possibility of a targeted attack to compromise Hillary’s personal/work PC when it connected to the server to send/receive email, but from what I know of POP3 and SMTP this is unlikely. Of course, since Hillary’s staff have trashed the machine in question, we won’t be able to tell….

  9. And I disagree about whether the clintonmail server could have been implicated. That server was probably penetrated as well, and if the attackers then used social engineering techniques that could have been an attack route. By that I mean emails coming from Clintonmail would be regarded as trusted hence any malicious attachments would be more likely to be accepted and activated. Very common technique and a major attack mechanism.

    We’ll not know th though as I have little doubt that any possible evidence has been not just deleted but wiped over and over again.

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