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The reality came later when the leaders faced a Question Time audience in Leeds. This time the real questions were asked. Did Labour overspend? How can Labour be trusted on the economy? How are you going to cut the deficit? Do you understand, let alone support, business? After stumbling in front of this audience, Ed Miliband must have been relieved when the media focused on him merely stumbling off the stage. The lefty Twittersphere erupted with complaints about the supposed right-wing bias of the audience. Another fantasy. It was simply the English electorate.

I’m approximately willing to believe that the UK is at times just about a socially democratic country. But not that England is.

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  1. There’s big variations in England. A friend of mine moved from Merseyside to Gloucestershire and said that there’s a huge difference in culture. In Gloucestershire, it’s your responsibility to get a job. Got to travel for it, maybe stay away, work unsociable hours? You do it. Where in Merseyside, you can say that it doesn’t suit you and no-one will apply pressure to you to take it.

  2. One small correction to what Velvet Glove, Iron Fist said:

    “…Nigel Farage, whose party would go on to win more votes than the SNP, the Greens and Plaid Cymru combined.”

    UKIP beat the Liberals + SNP combined, but not Liberals + SNP + Plaid.
    LD 2,415,888 7.9% 4th
    SNP 1,454,436 4.7% 5th
    PC 181,694 0.6% 8th
    TOTAL 4,052,018
    UKIP 3,881,129 12.6% 3rd

    Results are here
    and you can sort the table by any column by clicking on the heading.

  3. Stig – so which area has voted labour since the year dot and which area is mired in economic malaise..

    Tricky one that…

  4. About 84% of the UK population live in England, so I don’t think it was the “Englishness” of the Question Time audience that was at issue or which caused Miliband such difficulties.

    I rather suspect that his difficulties were caused by living in a bubble of politically oriented Islingtonites, reinforced by his self selected clique of lefty Labour supporters acting as an echo chamber for his own beliefs and opinions.

    What Miliband was really being exposed to was not a bunch of Tory running dogs in the audience, but the average man / woman in the street having to deal with the real world from which he is isolated in his Westminster bubble.

    Miliband was the unrepresentative fish out of water, not the members of the Question Time studio audience.

  5. Labour were pushing, and are still pushing, the idea that their ruining of the economy was a myth, Lord Prescott says Labour did not push hard enough to dispel this myth which is why they lost.

    Once outside the bubble, amongst the public who actually paid for that economic mismanagement, and will continue to pay for it, and who saw it unfold at the time, the myth is very hard to maintain.

    Of course, the reality that is was not a myth and was the truth is not on the agenda, this is nothing but a “big lie” doctrine, I am glad they lost.

  6. Bloke in Lower Hutt

    CJN – I’ve not read the original article but the line you quote from it suggests UKIP got more votes than SNP+PC+Greens. There is no mention of the LDs vote in the original text you included…

  7. The Stigler

    Well I live in Liverpool. And I have just spent part of today ‘unfriending’ people from this city on Facebook. Over a period of time, but particularly the past fortnight, I have got sick to the back teeth of teachers and FUCKING NURSES declaring that you want, WANT I tell you, to force families to go to foodbanks to feed their children if you even think about voting Conservative.
    And on Friday evening I was verbally assaulted in a restaurant for “trying to destroy the public sector in this city, whose football team yoy have the nerve to pretend to support”.
    Labour didn’t lose the election you see. The Tories stole it because:
    1. Murdoch and the press.
    2. Voters are bastards as it happens.
    3. First Past the Post is just wrong. It wasn’t wrong on Wednesday when they thought they could sneak in on 33% of the vote with he help of the Scots Nsts. Now they’ve lost though, it’s terribly wrong.

    Liverpool is a city with its head stuck up its arse; no nice way of saying it.

  8. “Liverpool is a city with its head stuck up its arse; no nice way of saying it.” in some ways, yes. But Liverpool and its people are also a gem of a city and an English treasure.

  9. bloke (not) in spain

    “But Liverpool and its people are also a gem of a city and an English treasure.”
    Which pawnbrokers is it in & have you still got the ticket?

  10. Bloke in Lower Hutt: you’re right, I’ve corrected a nonexistent error. My apologies to Velvet Glove, Iron Fist.

    note to self: do not post before finishing second cup of coffee

  11. Ironman: not just Liverpool but whole tranches of the NHS are anticipating the slaughter of the firstborn. It’s no use pointing out the mess Labour made of the Welsh system

  12. Ljh

    Or the increasing number of Conservative MPs on the back of it. Or the increasing Ukip vote.

    P.S. Steve and Mr Ecks -that will be mentallly ill half-Ewok, half-hobbits voting Ukip then?

  13. ” But Liverpool and its people are also a gem of a city and an English treasure.”

    Well, not really. It is, like Glasgow, an Irish Catholic city not really English at all.

  14. What is the fucking point of taking the time to go on a blog and write something like that? It really is pathetic.

    Do you have anything to add to the discussion or do you just want to be an arsehole?

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