And BB King is gone

By far, far, my favourite of his work.

And this is just an achingly sad blues/love song.

7 thoughts on “And BB King is gone”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    The dude from Hot Chocolate has died too. Not as great as B. B. King, Hot Chocolate did, allegedly, have a hit every year of the 70s from beginning to end (although I am suspicious – what was their hit from 1974?).

    Mind you, there are other differences too. B. B. King recognised 15 children. The Hot Chocolate guy? Maybe not.

  2. I saw him live twice, in Perth, about 1980. Both were great performances, and his band excellent. He wasn’t looking good then, having to sit rather than stand. He did well. RIP.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    They had Playing With My Friends on the Internet radio station I listen to a little while ago. That’s another good fun one.

  4. I actually met B.B. King on a flight from Minneapolis to Detroit in 1987-8.

    I was sitting in coach, and I got to talking to the guy sitting next to me because he was wearing some B.B. King paraphernalia. He was his personal assistant. I was a fan, so he offered to introduce me, and discretely asked the stewards if he could take me up to first class for a few minutes without drawing attention. So we went and chatted with him for a few minutes, and he gave me a tour pin off his jacket. Nice enough guy, but didn’t seem to want to be bothered any more than was needed, so I left him alone.

    I had actually seen B.B. King a few times by then, and I remarked that I thought it strange that he had this, for want of a better term, “barker” who would come out on stage beforehand, or before the encore, and shout “B.B. King!, The fabulous B.B. King. The stupendous …” and so on. The assistant laughed … he said that had been his job for several years, so I’d undoubtedly heard him the last time I’d seen him (The Hague, at the North Sea Jazz Festival, in 1984).

    BTW: Good selection of tunes Tim. You need to post more music: I like your tastes, but you seem to have a knack for linking to stuff I’m not that familiar with.

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