Any computer literate peep want to do me a favour?

I’d like figure 4 from this report as an image. jpg, png, whatever.



OK, got it now!

17 thoughts on “Any computer literate peep want to do me a favour?”

  1. For future reference (assuming you are on a Windows PC)

    Press Print Screen > open Paint > Ctrl+V > Crop > Save As

  2. Err, yes, that’s great, but I’ve no idea what you’ve just said. This here computer is a typewriter with a browser attached. I really don’t know how to do anything else at all. Similarly, I don’t know how to take a picture with my phone. Simply technically ignorant.

  3. @tim you nailed the exact reason why most economist misinterpret what is possible and what is not with tech… but tech people are just as bad at econ normally

  4. Windows 7+: Start menu (bottom left) – ‘All programs’ – ‘Accessories’ – ‘Snipping Tool’ – click.

    Select area of screen with cursor, then simply paste into Paint, Word etc.

    Piece of piss….

    Useful to have a shortcut on taskbar (drag and drop from accessories).

  5. @Tim – Is this why you have never sorted out Google not being able to index the site?

    It’s incredibly frustrating you know and losing you a huge amount of traffic. For pity’s sake, please find someone to help you sort it out!

  6. @Aryeh – My offer is free

    WordPress > MySite > Settings > Reading > Site Visibility > Check “Allow search engines to index this site” > Save Changes = Lots more hits. = Me being able to find posts/comments I’ve read and want to find again.

  7. Runcie Balspune

    Mr Worstall, you are not the only one with screen-print confusion, my father is yet to master the (a) press screen-print, (b) paste into an editor, then (c) select in editor, cut and paste or crop and save.

    Confusingly, he does know how to (a) take a picture with his digital camera, then (b) upload the picture onto his computer, then (c) upload the picture from his computer into his cloud, then (d) send me a link to the picture in the cloud.

    So my advice would be to (a) print the PDF, (b) physically cut out the picture using scissors, (c) scan it and send it to your self by email, (d) receive the email and save the attachment which should be the picture.

    I meanwhile, am yet to master how to stop the bracket-c-bracket becoming the copyright symbol.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    For what it’s worth, the rectangular selection tool on a Mac is ⇧⌘4. (Dunno if unicode will make it through formatting: that’s shift-command 4).

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