Anyone care to define extremist?

Britain’s broadcast regulator should vet programmes for extremist content before they are shown on television, David Cameron has indicated.

The Prime Minister appeared to back Theresa May over her Cabinet colleague Sajid Javid after a private row over anti-terror proposals became public.

And don’t forget, at some point the other bastards will be in and we’ll have to put up with whatever their definition of “extremist” is.

You know, homophobic, cisgendered extremism and the like. Zionism would certainly be regarded sa extremism by some.

Bad, bad idea

10 thoughts on “Anyone care to define extremist?”

  1. I’m baffled by May’s insistence on this. What have I been missing? Has there been a rash of extremist programmes recently?

    I can only think of documentaries that show clips of extremist preachers, but surely that’s no threat, due to context…

    I mean, I haven’t been keeping up with the soaps – has that Pakistani family in ‘Eastenders’ sent a son off to fight for ISIS or something?

  2. You would think they would have learned their lesson after the Gerry Adams debacle and having some Nordy actor lip sync his words on the news, thus insuring more people actively watched as we were fascinated by the slightly fey voice used.
    (Although now it has come to light that he enjoys trampolining naked with his dog, this may have been a subtle ploy from the security services)

  3. Since the BBC is owned by the government, they have an obligation to provide neutral coverage of the Middle East, and they don’t, certainly not where Israel is concerned.

    I’m sure it is difficult to exclude content, but if they approach stories from a perspective of neutrality, it might reduce the problem in an organic way.

    The BBC is not an editorial outlet, right? It seems more like a government-owned basic news source, rather than an opinion venue, right?

  4. Typical closing-the-stable-door symbolic gestures. Next they’ll announce metal scanners at all train stations and sniffer dogs on the tube. Because they have to be seen to be doing something.

  5. Mr Cameron said Ofcom has a “role” in ensuring extremist content is not broadcast during a press conference at a European summit.

    Is he admitting that they generally spout extremist nonsense during their summit press conferences?

  6. This is what happens when you don’t call a spade a spade. It’s not ‘extremist’ content that’s at issue here really, it’s Islamist.

    And there really is a problem: the BBC did indeed take Adnan Chowdary from a nutter with about 100 followers to the most influential fascist of our day, with new new recruits responsible for the beheading of that soldier in Woolwich as well as for other attempted terrorist attacks.

  7. In London we’ve had metal scanners on the street from time to time. You can get around the inevitable queue by crossing to the other side of the road…

  8. Peter Risdon: So what?. The islamists wouldn’t BE here en masse to practice extremism but for the antics of the left. Within whose ranks I include middle/upper class Marxistic scum such as BlueRinse and the Fish-Faced Hag ™. Who are supposedly taking action against islamists while allowing tens of thousands more –including returning ISIS scum–into the UK.

    If they haven’t even got the balls to say islamist then you can be sure these measures are intended to be adopted against people like those who blog here and elsewhere.

    Lets hope this kind of evil gets Camorgeuron’s back bench pastings off to an early start. Unlikely tho’ as this tyrannical shite will be lapped up by ZaNu and the Scottish National Socialists.

  9. Cameron’s comments as reported in the link are mild and unobjectionable: he is obviously responding to a journalist’s question about a quote of which he is ignorant.
    So someone is talking his “I don’t know” up into a Genghis Khan policy (I was tempted to say “Genghis Cohen” but “Cohen the Barbarian” would not have cared a troll’s tooth about what anything the media printed about him).

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