But Len McCluskey is actually right here

Len McCluskey has warned Unite could disaffiliate from the Labour Party if it does not elect the “correct leader”.

The union’s general secretary said its multi-million pound funding could be severed unless the party proves it is the “voice of organised labour”.

The Labour Party was set up to be the voice of organised labour. And the unions, Unite especially, are largely funding it. And yes, those union members should indeed get the party they’re paying for.

Now, that the unions are largely, today, the public sector workers doesn’t change that in the least. That most of the Labour Party (in the sense of the national party, not the voters) are the metropolitan social justice workers along with the usual careerists doesn’t change that either. Nor even that it’s “the left” in this country.

Labour just isn’t today doing what it was either set up to do nor what he unions are paying it to do. So, McCluskey’s quite right to say that we’re going to take our money elsewhere unless we do get what we think we ought to be paying for.

That that would also be the death of the Labour Party (whatever they moved the money off to would fizzle out like Tommy Sheridan and the various “socialist” parties from people like Scargill etc) is just icing on hte cake. In his basic analysis the paymaster is correct.

9 thoughts on “But Len McCluskey is actually right here”

  1. You are so right with this one. The problems come with how the unions now represent the members. Particularly Unite.
    My personal gripe with Unite is to do with the fact my company has a single union agreement with them. I refuse to join because of Len McCluskys pay and conditions, others who don’t have particularly broad shoulders, pay up and winge. I despise the man and what he stands for, but he is correct.

  2. “The voice of organised labour” says the head of the Union of Bird-Watching, Train – Spotting, Shed-Occupying, SELF-EMPLOYED Bloggers.

    The truth is Unite is the Militant of the 21st Century. It takes the membership fees of hard working people and puts them at the disposal of politically motivated spongers like Richard Murphy. Ritchie uses this membership to consider – despite declaring his political neutrality for the past number if years, despite insisting that he is NOT a member of the Labour Party – to consider if he is going to vote for a candidate for leader.

    I have no love for Labour; but fucking hell!

  3. Ironman:

    ‘Your comments are absurd. I am a friend of the truth’

    Still the single most hilarious statement I have heard from the man

  4. So have the union set up own parties. Labour would initially struggle but could benefit a lot by being able to say they are not in the pocket of unions.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I’ve said it before: if the Conservatives were smart (yeah, right) they could kill Labour stone dead by passing a law that only individual contributions to political parties would henceforth be allowed, in the name of ‘taking money out of politics’. They would still get the big lump sums from rich people, but Labour would have to try to persuade millions of union members to fork over three quid a time. If you spun it right you could sell it no problem.

  6. Martin Davies: The union movement did indeed set up its own party. A party, one might say, for organized labour. Now, I wonder what a party formed by and in the interests of Labour could be called…

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