Eric Clapton bootlegs

So, err, shush….but does anyone know where this is?

Early 90s, Clapton did the Albert Hall stuff that became 24 nights the album. And there was a night of pop or two, the new albums, there were a few nights of orchestral stuff (I think?) and there were a few nights of purely the blues. And I remember (because I taped it) that the blues night was broadcast on Radio 1.

And the final song was Further on up the Road (I think?). And I still think of that final solo as the finest piece of guitar work I’ve ever heard. But I can’t find the bugger to check my ageing memory.

It must be out there, Radio !? Live broadcast? The blues night, the last song.


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  1. So Much for Subtlety

    TW is really a member of the Kim Dynasty? Has anyone seen him and Kim Jung-un together? No? It is looking suspicious.

    There is a Wiki for bootlegs:

    They mention three at the Royal Albert Hall but not the song you want. Are you sure it was that one?

    The performance must have been this one:

    Clapton longest Hall residency came between 5 February and 9 March 1991, in which time he played 24 concerts.

    The run was split into four sections. The first 6 nights saw Clapton play alongside Genesis songwriter Phil Collins; on the next 6 nights he was joined by a bigger band including Ray Cooper; the following 6 nights were as a blues band featuring Robert Cray and Buddy Guy; and the last 6 nights saw the guitarist backed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra.

    In 1990 Clapton released an album called “Blues Night”. It was based on a concert he did at the Royal Albert Hall with Buddy Guy. And it was broadcast by Radio 1 in 1990. But it doesn’t seem to have the song you want on it.

    So that is about the best I can do. Not useful.

  2. Philip Scott Thomas

    PS, Tim. There seem to be several uploads on YouTube of that song with Bonamassa. If that’s in fact the track you’re looking for, send me the link for the version you like best. I’ll rip the audio to mp3, clean it up the best I can, stick it up on Dropbox, and send you a link to download it.

  3. Several versions on Spotify. Including what sounds like a live one on ‘The E.C. Was Here’ album. Though I’m not sure Spotify is available in your part of foreign?

  4. Who on earth describes Phil Collins as the “Genesis songwriter“? I can’t work out whether that’s good or bad.

  5. You could listen to Bobby Blands version, with Joe Scott on guitar instead; it’s good, unlike anything Clapton ever did.

  6. I am getting something wrong, obviously. Feb 91 sounds a little too late to me. And the rest of the set list looks wrong, although the other guitarists looks about right. And I’m not sure I’ve the song title right.

    The bit I really do remember: Radio 1 broadcast. ‘Coz I taped it. And final song, deffo. And Albert Hall, blues night. So if R1 only did one concert over those years (he was playing Albert Hall in Feb for a number of years there) then that’s the one.

    What I really recall is long song, several guitarists taking solos, then Clapton takes the last solo. And it’s an absolute blinder (in memory anyway). And that’s it really.

  7. Giovanni Botulismo

    Does this help?

    Searching page for “Further” shows the song as last-but-two on the 1987 US Tour with Phil Collins (Robert Cray providing guitar) and the last song on the US tour with Mark Knopfler.

  8. The Pedant-General

    I have this on cassette tape in a box in the attic. err… somewhere.

    Remember having to run upstairs to turn the tape over when recording…

  9. The Pedant-General

    Particualrly topical as the one I’m thinking of was a double bill with the recently and most definitely lamented BB King.

  10. What blog law dictates that on any post discussing Eric Clapton, some weapons grade twat will pop up to assert that he never produced a good song?

  11. So Much for Subtlety

    DocBud – “What blog law dictates that on any post discussing Eric Clapton, some weapons grade twat will pop up to assert that he never produced a good song?”

    Not me. I learnt from the Great Genesis Dissing of 2004.

    Although Clapton is an odd figure. He has an ego even by the standards of musicians (I do like his comment on Jimi Hendrix that JH was so great that only a handful of people in the world could appreciate him – perhaps only he, Eric Clapton, alone truly understood what a genius he was). He has made a living out of “appropriating” the music of Black musicians while giving the world Rock Against Racism – and his comments were not trivial. Nor has he ever backed down from them:

    Which suggests that he isn’t such a pussy as that whole Patty Boyd thing suggests.

  12. For a supposed racist stealing the musical heritage of the Black Man, he happens to be the only white bluesman commemorated with portraits in both the Chicago House of Blues and the siding of Buddy Guy’s here in Chicago. Perhaps not appropriating the supposed grievances of African-Americans would be a good idea, hmm?

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