Fairly obvious bias

Two headlines in The Guardian today, with ther accompanying ledes.

CPS decision not to prosecute Lord Janner under review

A controversial decision by the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute Lord Janner of Braunstone over alleged historical child sex crimes is being reviewed, a spokesman has said.

Tory MP Victor Montagu escaped child sex abuse trial in 1970s

A senior Conservative politician escaped prosecution for child abuse in the 1970s when he promised the authorities he would not see the victim again, according to files released by the National Archives.

Janner’s party is only mentioned in the strapline.

Both obvious and expected but…..

9 thoughts on “Fairly obvious bias”

  1. Witchsmeller Pursuivant

    As you say, that kind of bias is obvious and expected.
    Even worse is the deceit in the reporting of this story – This pursuit of the hungry shows the monstrous side of modern BritainPaul and Kerry Barker fit the label of “hardworking families” that politicians bandy about. Or they did, that is, until Paul Barker had to quit his job after breaking his back while working as a scaffolder, and post-natal depression forced Kerry to give up her job at Durham county council. They finally became desperate enough to steal food from bins when her benefits were stopped after she missed a meeting earlier in the year. The couple’s two children now live with their grandparents because their parents can’t afford to feed them. That’s how grim things are for the Barkers.

    However, if you check the facts in the Sunderland Echo, you’ll see that Mrs Barker is a heroin addict with a string of 28 convictions for 60 crimes including thieving from her neighbours and wounding. And Mr Barker, despite his terrible back injury, was attempting to lift a pallet’s worth of food over a ten foot fence. And Tesco, the big villains in the Guardian piece, are nowhere near as prominent in the Echo, largely because the pair were caught on the Council’s CCTV, not Tesco’s.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    But at least you can’t accuse The Guardian of consistent anti-semitism in this comparison.

  3. Strange. The Daily Mail has side by side headlines about Janner and “Tory MP” too.

  4. The second piece shows one of the genetic markers for lefty fuckwittery (more than once). The use of “rightwing” as one unhyphenated word.

  5. The interesting thing in the Groaniad comments under the Barker article is that people don’t care that the reporting is incomplete, and don’t care about the drugs and violence. They just want to have their ideological buttons pressed, which the Gardinan gladly does for them.

    However, it is worth noting the fact that they have to resort to part-reporting examples such as this since there are apparently no clear-cut cases that fit their pre-chosen narrative.

  6. It’s not quite as bad as the Dems when they brought someone to DC to testify about how impossible it was for her to get a state issued ID due to time constraints, the $15 cost and so on.

    Somehow, however, she had time and sufficient ID to get on a plane to come to DC…….

  7. There is no one in this country needs to steal food to live. Maybe some immigrants who have yet to qualify for benefits. We are absurdly generous to people who just won’t work.

    Not that life on the dole is pleasant, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s supposed to be bearable.

    My money is on they were stealing food to sell on to buy smack.

    The Guardian left is showing signs of mental collapse.

  8. While I suspect you are probably right regarding motive, it can be justified (at least to people of my vintage) by the fact that most people know who Janner is (and what he was, politically), whereas hardly anyone will have heard of Victor Montagu

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