It began in September last year, when the New South Wales branch of the RSPCA received a tip-off about the alleged mistreatment of sheep, including verbal abuse, that were being shorn at Boorungie Station, 130 kilometres from Broken Hill.

The complaint was lodged by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which had apparently obtained footage and testimony from an undercover operative working at the station.

Jeebus. Shearing time, bludger swears at sheep, this is abuse of animal rights.

Forgive me but there’s two Sheilahs who might benefit from a slight change of lifestyle I feel:

But Nicolah Donovan, president of Lawyers for Animals, said animals did understand.

“I think it is conceivable that verbal abuse of an extreme nature against an animal, whether it be human, sheep or otherwise, could constitute an act of violence,” she said.

“We have accepted that domestic violence can certainly be constituted by acts of extreme verbal abuse, particularly when the victim of the abuse is especially vulnerable – if they have a low fear threshold or they lack understanding that the verbal abuse isn’t going to proceed to a physical threat against them.

“This might be the case with children or farm animals, and the level of abuse needn’t be that extreme to cause that kind of fear in an animal.”

Lynda Stoner, CEO at Animal Liberation NSW, agreed.

She said animals did not need to understand language in order to comprehend that a human speaker was frustrated or angry.

“I’m not sure all animals can understand different dialects,” she said.

“I don’t think they’re getting the nuances someone is using.

“What they will be getting though is the threat inherent in the way that voice is used.

“I believe they can absolutely comprehend emotion.

“We all know that animals feel pain and suffering, we know animals remember what’s been done to them, and we know they can anticipate brutality if it’s come before.

“I don’t think that’s placing human emotions on animals. It’s simply that all animals, all species, are capable of feeling pleasure, pain, suffering and all those feelings we feel.”

Jesus honeys, get laid, have a drink or two. That someone said fuck in front of a sheep, even to one, just isn’t a big problem. At least this isn’t Wales where they do that, not say it, to the sheep.

Anyone else think we’re reaching the limits of first world problems?

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  1. LOL!

    (Sorry for the jargon, but I did)

    Jealous, KJ?


    (And I’ve actually shorna sheep. Swearing doesn’t even come close!)

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s moving the Overton window. If you’re not allowed to yell at a sheep, you’re presumably also not allowed to shoot it in the head, eviscerate it, and turn it into a Scotch pie. One of the chief aims of Leftist politics is to make its more extreme positions normative, and therefore not worthy of examination.

  3. “But Nicolah Donovan, president of Lawyers for Animals, said animals did understand.”

    So teach the sheep not to act up, and then they won’t get yelled at. Duh.

    Will The Sheeps’ Court replace The People’s Court down under?

  4. I’ll stop swearing at animals when they stop swearing at us. I’ve heard that meow that means “fuck off skinsack, I’ll climb on the kitchen bench if I want to.”

  5. “Anyone else think we’re reaching the limits of first world problems?”

    I’m not sure there is a limit, just an ever expanding demand. As we try and satisfy each issue they simply move to a more extreme position. such as. ..

    You shouldn’t swear.
    You should say positive reassuring things.
    You should play music to them.
    Not that music, this music.
    Wrong volume.
    Why are you playing that music? Play this music.
    Those harsh electric lights are all wrong, you need candles.
    What do you mean sheep are being burnt to death? Why are you using candles.
    That music is wrong, play this.
    ad infinitum.

    You can’t win, they need to make themselves feel superior and useful.

  6. I was going to suggest they go away and learn to knit.

    Then I realised how horribly wrong that was.

  7. Animals do understand. My father-in-law, Lewis, was sat outside of our hut at Sinamatella Camp in Wankie, a Honey Badger was approaching, sniffing the air occasionally, when he got close, Lewis said, in broad Yorkshire, “come any closer and you’ll get some of my boot” at which the Honey Badger turned and sauntered away.

    Animals definitely understand “voetsek”.

  8. As Tim Blair reports

    For Ken Turner, who operates Boorungie Station, the obvious answer to the quandary was to ask the sheep themselves to corroborate the evidence.

  9. Shouting “keep fucking still” at a sheep while trying to shear it is an infringement of the sheep’s rights is it? I bet those dozy bints won’t be brave enough to visit those Australian sheep stations during shearing season otherwise they might be the ones to be told to keep fucking still.

  10. I wonder what the president of Lawyers for Animals and the CEO at Animal Liberation NSW get paid? And who supplies the cash?

    CEO at Animal Liberation NSW! FFS! Peter Simple, eat your heart out.

  11. I feel sorry for the sheep. Imagine being woken up in the morning by a sweary cretin who is coming at you with a pair of shears. If only someone would make a market in Stupidity,,, all problems solved.

  12. It wasn’t so long ago that some dim hint was agitating for speed bumps to be installed on outback roads, to keep the ‘roos safe.

  13. Well done, magnusw.

    Reminds me of our fascist national governments, telling us what kind of lights or washing machines we can buy. Individual personal preferences of government employees become law.

  14. Lynda Stoner was a very attractive TV soap actress from the 70s.

    Wondered what happened to her..

  15. Haven’t you just answered your own question? Those young women whe get hired for being pert and attractive do stop being swo at some point. At which point they get to take whatever brains and actual talent they have off to other activities…..

  16. Kevin B.I wonder what the president of Lawyers for Animals and the CEO at Animal Liberation NSW get paid? And who supplies the cash?…..Cash cows?

  17. They should rename the station too, Boorungie is clearly a filthy euphemism for something utterly disgusting and quite fun.

  18. “This might be the case with children or farm animals”

    Note the ‘might’. I would hazard a guess that they’re certain for farm animals, but not so sure about children.

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