German sartorial elegance

German Finance Minister Schaeuble and Greek counterpart Varoufakis arrive at an euro zone finance ministers meeting in Brussels

There’s a reason for the convention that a man undoes his jacket buttons when he sits down.


Jus’ Sayin’….

15 thoughts on “German sartorial elegance”

  1. Wolfgang Schäuble has been confined to a wheelchair since an assassination attempt in 1990.

  2. The attempted murder was by a nutter not politically based. That could happen to anyone.

    Sorry that the bloke has health problems but they haven’t stopped him from pursuing his trade–thieving under threat of violence, promoting statist and socialistic tyranny, enabling economic bungling and in general making life worse for everybody in Germany and to a lesser degree all around the world.

  3. I thought the button convention when standing (working top down) was “Sometimes, Always, Never”

  4. I sneeze in threes

    You’d have thought the money the Greek fella saved on not buying a toe could have been used to have his jacket sleeves tailored so he doesn’t look like a school boy in the new terms blazer which he is yet to grow in to.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It could be worse. In Eastern European parliaments they all wear Adidas tracksuits and trainers.

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