I approve of this message

From the riot in Whitehall:


18 thoughts on “I approve of this message”

  1. bloke (not) in spain

    Yeah. I echo her sentiments. The deployment of the shock troops on the streets, with the slightest cause.
    I’d be wanting to sling a brick at that lot, on general principle.

  2. Nothing says decadence quite like violently protesting the outcome of a free and fair democratic election.

  3. According to a couple of rabid socialist blogs I’ve been looking at (and poluting with my right-wing views) the vandalism to the Womens’ War Memorial is actually the work of MI5 / Special Branch / SAS / Tory Hit-Squads / Voldemort… And there was me thinking that it was the work of some demented SWP soap-dodger with a spray-can.

    Well… That’s me told.!

  4. “shock troops”

    You really should use “Stoßtrupp” instead, otherwise the thread will never reach its Godwin point.

  5. It seems that some on the Left just really don’t like democracy very much, at least when it goes against them.

    Whatever the pros and cons of FPTP, it was confirmed by 67.9% of the votes cast in the 2011 referendum.

    And if the 2015 result is unfair and cheating, then Labour’s 2005 win was even unfairer and cheatier.

  6. I’ve seen that message on signs for years now; who started it?

    It was in an episode of Father Ted when Ted & Dougal were protesting about the local cinema showing a controversial film.

  7. bloke (not) in spain

    Well yes, Mr Balspune. But they do look like the special forces wing of Westminster Council Cleansing Department. And for someone who’s been a habitue of Central London for a very long while, one does notice they get wheeled out with increasing regularity. Actually, it’s getting hard to imagine what they wouldn’t be deployed to. Teddy Bears Picnic? Nah. Dangerous animals. Probably need an Armed Response.Unit back up, as well.

  8. The BBC are terming it as a ‘protest’. Presumably the violence and defacing of the war memorial were the result of ‘anger’.

    If UKIP had demonstrated and someone had shouted a rude word it would have been a “far-right protest”

  9. Of course they are all white. They are always all white middle-class children at these sort of ‘protests’. The Pakistanis are used to real dodgy elections. To get the Pakistanis out you need to draw a silly picture.

  10. The Pedant-General

    But it does need one of the “shock troops” behind to be holding a sign saying “Mind how you go”…

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