Isn’t this a remarkable complaint?

BAT’s position in Burma at the turn of the millennium was hugely controversial. “BAT’s factory in Burma was jointly owned with the military dictatorship and so helped fund one of the most brutal military dictatorships in the world,” said Anna Roberts, executive director at Burma Campaign UK. “BAT refused to admit how much money it gave to the dictatorship, but Burma Campaign UK estimated that BAT paid the generals $16m (£10m) in taxes alone between 1999 and 2002. In contrast, BAT paid its factory workers in Burma just £15 a month. The dictatorship spent 40% of its budget on the military.”

They’re complaining that a multinational actually did pay taxes in a poor country.

4 thoughts on “Isn’t this a remarkable complaint?”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    We all now suffer under the Compulsory Approval Rule – it is not enough that we tolerate Gay people, we must celebrate them too. We all are no longer allowed to disapprove of people favoured by the Left.

    In the same way, we now have the Compulsory Campaign Rule. If the Left wishes to overthrow a regime, it is compulsory for all of us to do whatever we can to overthrow that regime. On the other hand, if the Left likes that regime, as with, say, Cuba, we may not do anything to endanger it.

    It is part of the Left’s inherent totalitarian mind set. Which far too many of us implicitly or explicitly endorse.

  2. I don’t know a lot about Burma, but what is it about the place which makes it completely different to socialist dictatorships?

  3. BAT paid extortion (so-called taxes) to political scum (the military are just wankers who like playing dress-up) who misused the money. Where is the news in that?. It is the present human condition everywhere.

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