On Factchecking Pollyanna

10 sales so far: that’s more than the monthly sales of books that I actually write entirely myself. Maybe there’s something to this being a publisher not a writer?

23 thoughts on “On Factchecking Pollyanna”

  1. We’ll get it onto iTunes in time, but no further than that I think. Can’t chase every fraction of the market for what is going to be, after all, a pretty much minority interest thing.

  2. 11 (at least) now.

    Enjoyed your ’23 Things’ as well on a recent flight. Short, easy to read and convincing.

  3. One would imagine it could be possible to reference such an erudite work in almost any comment under a Toynbee Guardian article. If one felt so inclined. And was particularly sadistic.

  4. Saw it first on David Thompson’s blog and bought the Kindle edition straight away. Should be a good laugh, although puts me in the position of eighteenth century visitors to Bedlam to laugh at the loonies!

  5. Tim,

    But don’t you think that as an author you should support other fragments of the market, as a producer you don’t want Amazon to be the only source of ebooks.

  6. Oh please, this is going to sell a few hundred copies at most to the usual suspects. The impact of this of the global power structure in the books trade isn’t going to be all that much…

  7. Please, please, please off the serialization rights to the Graun, and let us see the response..

  8. I bought one this morning.

    If you could get the rights to the Murphy Richards blog and put that out as a book, I’d buy one.

  9. There’s not enough of the Murphy Richards blog. Although my section, Ragging on Ritchie might work if edited down a bit.

  10. I don’t have a kindle and so await the luxury, vellum paper, leather bound, gold embossed signed by the author edition.

  11. ‘Ragging on Ritchie’ as an ebook would be a valuable counter. I’m sure there are many out there who believe Murphy simply because they know nothing about the subject and WANT to believe what Murphy says because he is saying what they want to hear.

  12. I have put forward the idea of having Murphy Richards in a Ragging on Ritchie one. At least, I’ve put the idea to the person I’m pretty sure did that blog…..

  13. There is enough material in your ‘Ragging on Ritchie’ section for an encyclopedia! Perhaps Murphy Richards could write the forward.

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