Any great singers you wish you’d have worked with? Could you have worked with Elvis Presley, for example?
I doubt it, although he did record Any Day Now, and that’s one of those things where you think, “Great!”, and you hear it and it’s not so great. It was the same thing with Sinatra and the Count Basie band, with Quincy Jones producing. They did Wives and Lovers, which is in 3/4 time, but they did it in 4/4. I said, “Quincy, what happened?” He said: “The Basie band can’t play in 3/4.”

Burt Bacharach.

And Guardian subs please report for a retraining session. One involving smacked botties:

(4) Burt was married to Paula Stewart (1953-58), Angie Dickinson (1965-80), Carole Bayer Sager (1982-91) and has been married to Jane Hansen since 1983.

Accusing someone of bigamy in public?

3 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. There exists an automatic assumption that great musical performers are great musicians, which is barely true at all. Being a great performance and something aurally pleasing is quite different from being musically correct.

    On a related note, I’d always assumed I couldn’t sing. I’d gotten myself reasonable at the guitar, but assumed a singing ability is something you either have or you don’t. When I started playing with other people for the first time about 18 months ago, my singing was effing awful and they told me so. Then one day one of the Frenchies took me aside and said I need to sing it more naturally, and stop trying to sing it perfectly. I told him the problem was that I couldn’t sing. He said “you don’t need to have a good voice to sing this stuff, we’re not doing opera. You just need to sing it with a rhythm, and in any way you want. Being accurate doesn’t matter”. He was absolutely right.

    I was also surprised to discover that singing is something that improves with practice, and a crap singer can go to a reasonable jam-session singer just by practicing.

    (No, I’ll not quit the oil business.)

  2. My wife claims that she can recognise whatever I sing purely from the rhythm, the melody being indecipherable.

  3. A fairly famous singer told me a long time ago – you don’t have to have a great voice to make it in the business, but you do need a distinctive voice.

    Actually he was very famous but I’m not a name dropper

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