So, we’re in the New Zealand Parliament, see?

And one MP gets a bit miffed and mutters, sotto voce, Ah, c’mon “shut the fuck up”. There is a reason they’re called rude colonials you know: but it wasn’t announced loudly to the House or anything. If you really squinted at the tape and could lip read then you’d get it but the Speaker didn’t hear it, no one actually in the House did either.

Except, well, it was Sign Language Awareness Week. So there’s our nice respectable lady who’s doing the sign language translation for the House and the camera leaping around and flipping the bird at everyone.

At which point people start to notice you understand.

Many thanks to Dr. Rodgers of that fine country for the tip.

3 thoughts on “So, we’re in the New Zealand Parliament, see?”

  1. “flipping the bird”: for fuck’s sake, is even bloody sign language americanised?

    I suppose “shut the fuck up” is consistent with that.

  2. Oh that’s the best news I’ve heard all year. Although we’re yet to see what dribbling cretin will follow her.

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