There really is a male/female difference

What amuses here is the underlying message:

In a trilogy of rather brilliant short films, WaterAid imagines how different society would be if it were men who lost the endometrium of their wombs every month. An accompanying survey of 2,000 people found that 78% thought the world of sport would change if men had periods; a quarter thought white sportswear would be banned and that men would brag about their periods; 21% thought that bookmakers would factor menstrual cycles into their odds.

The films bring this alternate reality to vivid life. Around the office photocopier, men compare flows: the heavier the better. In WaterAid’s second film, football commentators talk blithely about a player being the most likely to score because he’s “on day two of his cycle” and “right in the optimum performance zone this month”. Wait, there’s an optimum performance zone? I’ve come to the end of my menstruating life without realising that, and I haven’t realised that because there is nothing blithe or casual in how we talk about periods.

So, OK, men and women are different then. So whither feminism now?

Equity feminism, different but equal is fine: but the sort that insists there’s no difference looks rather holed doesn’t it?

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  1. (a) There is no “equality feminism”.

    (b) The message here is not “men and women are different”, it is just the usual attack on men as supposed misogynists.

  2. Please tell all the men who have neutered themselves, that all they can become is a tribute act, never a woman.

  3. Surreptitious Evil,

    Yeah, the difference between people not having clean drinking water, and girls not being able to go to school after the age of 13 is a pretty big shift up Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs. That’s about 50 years of development in the UK. In fact, I’d say that if you’ve reached the point where your education is that advanced, but your sanitation isn’t then educating people more is probably less of a priority than them going to work and creating the wealth to build the sanitation.

  4. That’s an interesting alternative world WaterAid conjures up for us there. Meanwhile, on this world, I’m thinking about cancelling my monthly (as it were) standing order to WaterAid.

  5. So, imaginary men boast about their imaginary periods and a post-menopausal woman gets all upset?

    Guardian clickbait is getting worse.

  6. So Much for Subtlety

    JuliaM – “Every week, I think we’ve reached peak ‘Guardian’, and every week, I’m proved wrong!”

    Words to live by.

    I know a charity which started out as one man building schools for girls. He soon realised that there was no point building the buildings if the girls spent all day carrying water. So he nows builds wells, pipes and schools. And has three people working under him.

    If we weighed the contribution the Guardian and WaterAid made to the world against this one guy, I am pretty sure who would come out on top.

    In passing, men clearly have a type of cycle as well. Men just don’t talk about it much and it does not have an obvious external sign. But, as I said, men don’t talk about it much.

  7. I have a cycle, and I’m on it most days.

    These people are fucking nuts.

    But it’s great, the nutser they get the more the average just-misguided-not-insane lefty thinks ‘Why the fuck am I having anything to do with these whackjobs?’

    Hence they can’t bring themselves to vote Labour.

    Bring it!

  8. So Much for Subtlety

    Jonathan – “Surely if men had periods, they’d be women?”

    Gender is a social construct so that comment is sexism. Women don’t need a vag!na to be a woman, so they definitely don’t need periods. All a man needs is to really really want to be a woman.

  9. Well there’s no doubt in my mind that if it were men that got pregnant and women who impregnated them then…… would be women and………women would be men and the men who are now women would know what is was like to be a woman and vice versa only of course the men who were now women (and vice versa) wouldn’t know what it was like to be a woman who was now a man (or vice versa) so it’s doubtful if anything would have been achieved (and vice versa)

    Which is why it’s always good to have these ‘what if’ discussions.

  10. I sneeze in threes

    Are the words man and woman not as used by most people not taxonomic categories?

    What does gender actually mean? The French think a table has a gender. The gender of objects is not the same across countries. For new odjects a gender appears to be assigned, but doesn’t appear to be related to the properties or uses of the object.

    Let’s keep man and woman for taxonomic purposes ( intersex cases aside). Ships can still be a she as they are expensive and difficult to control.

    If we continue with this post-modern where words have no meaning then we should be suprised when some people mistake that no means yes.

  11. I find a lot of feminism is based on the assumption that all men are a sixth-form rugby club on the piss ALL THE TIME.

    If I had a period, would I boast about it to the other guys at work? Hell no. It would be a private matter. Does that mean I’d be ashamed of it? No, because there’s a difference between privacy and shame. Hate to break it to the feminists, but I never discuss my ejaculations with anyone either. Or describe my sexual conquests in detail. Or have a Christian name for my penis. Or shout “Phhwwwoooaaaarr! Look at the arse on that!” I don’t think I even know any men who do — I’ve encountered plenty of such men, and I don’t know them because I choose not to know them because they’re wankers. The fact that one of the language’s most popular insults is tailor-made for such men tells us how popular they are.

  12. If I had a period, would I boast about it to the other guys at work? Hell no. It would be a private matter.

    Having worked in a garage amongst other men and in an office where I was the only man, it’s been my experience that women talk about sex and bodily functions much more than men do

  13. S2 – Brilliant.

    Yes, I think a lot of feminists assume men immediately run to tell other men after they’ve had a sexual encounter with a female, boasting “SMELL MY FINGER!” then high-fiving and smoking cigars.

    In fact, I rarely do that.

    My penis doesn’t have a Christian name either. The Loch Ness Monster isn’t Christian.

    I’d never shout “phwoooar! Look at the arse on that!”, because I don’t go to work in a white van. And I’m more of a breast man.

    Incidentally, it was hilarious when Ed Miliband was asked what he felt when he saw a white van parked outside a house decorated with England flags.

    Miliband, as ever acting like a weird alien visitor who understands human speech but isn’t terribly convincing at passing himself off as one, said: “respect”.

    To be honest I’d have been more likely to vote for him if he had elongated his jaw to an inhuman degree and crammed a live guinea pig down his gullet, while glaring at the cameras unblinkingly.

    Same with that horrible picture of him wearing a “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” t-shirt. Terrible psychology. Both men and women hate male feminists.

    What he should’ve done was wear a t-shirt saying “FBI – Federal Boobies Inspector”. Then, if anybody criticised him, threaten to do karate on them. Everybody respects an alpha male.

  14. As she says, the serious point here is the petition to provide latrines or toilets for the 1.2 billion women who don’t have one.

    Having mentioned them, she goes back to self-indulgent whining.

    I’m starting a petition to provide a sense of the ridiculous to those that don’t have one, and hope you’ll all sign.

  15. Feminists whine about periods and cervical smears, while men generally keep quiet about twisting a testicle, prostrate biopsies or the agony of catching your dick in your zip.

  16. Bloke in Costa Rica

    “[…]I’d have been more likely to vote for him if he had elongated his jaw to an inhuman degree and crammed a live guinea pig down his gullet, while glaring at the cameras unblinkingly.”

    It’s a cliché, but that actually made me not merely LOL, but weep with laughter.

  17. The obvious but unintended conclusion to draw: WaterAid pisses away on fuckwit politics the money you gave them to help people in serious need.

  18. “78% thought the world of sport would change if men had periods”

    Don’t we already have a pretty good idea? Women’s basketball, college and pro?

    Oh wait I always forget. This is not about women in sports. This is about bashing men. Sorry.

  19. So Much for Subtlety

    AndyC – “Which is why it’s always good to have these ‘what if’ discussions.”

    Isn’t it just? Male seahorses incubate their eggs in a pouch. Not the females. So to a large extent, they do play the role of a female. While he is carrying them, the females turn up once a day, cope a feel and then wander off. It is pretty much a role reversal. Except the males still fight more and more aggressively.

    Support for both camps there, but mainly the camp that says sex is not a social construct.

  20. “For new odjects a gender appears to be assigned, but doesn’t appear to be related to the properties or uses of the object.”

    In german and Dutch, it’s the word ending that defines the “gender”.

    Which is a stupid word for it anyway in these languages, cos it’s…erm… determined by the word ending (nice circular argument).

    Das Mädchen (the girl – neuter, which has nothing to do with East german shotputteresses who have been fed male hormones at all).

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