U2 is a global business, yes

Asked about U2’s tax affairs, Bono said: “The smart people that we have working for us are trying to just be sensible about the way we’re taxed. That’s just one of our companies, by the way.

“And we pay a fortune in tax, just so people know. We pay a fortune in tax and we’re happy to pay a fortune in tax – people should.

“Because you’re good at philanthropy, I think, and because I’m an activist, people think you should be stupid in business. I don’t run with that.”

The Edge added: “So much of our business is outside of Ireland, it’s ridiculous to make a big deal about the fact that we operate outside of Ireland. Everything we do is outside of Ireland.”

I think we know who would disagree with that.

15 thoughts on “U2 is a global business, yes”

  1. He’s only contradicting himself compared to what he said a few years ago because he’s now applying a new mode of logic developed recently at a number of northwest London soirees.

    The concept of good thoughts and bad thoughts is clearly outmoded. More important are good people and bad people.

    Once the socialist elite has decided who is a good person, such apparent contradictions disappear.

    Good people can only have good thoughts and it is not possible for bad people to have anything but bad thoughts.

    Think of it as a Fair Soul Mark.

    Thus Starbucks is a Big Company and therefore Bad. Therefore its compliance with tax laws is Bad Avoidance and it must be made to pay more.

    Bono is a lefty prat and therefore Good. Thus his compliance with tax laws is sensible and reasonable.

    So you can see, the application of this logic resolves all and any apparent contradictions in socialist doctrine.

  2. Actually Tim, whether the LHTD approves or denounces depends on who you are and how much he thinks he needs to sick up to you.

    For example, he was very quick and very eager to post something about Ukip and Nigel Farage’s troubles this week. However, he has kept his lips absolutely sealed on Labour’s issues. When you’re sucking on the teet of Unite and the PCS you would wouldn’t you.

  3. Bono is a lefty prat and therefore Good. Thus his compliance with tax laws is sensible and reasonable.

    It’s because of his philanthropy you know, just like his carbon footprint is just as casually dismissed because of the proposed “offset”.

  4. “Bono is a lefty prat and therefore Good. Thus his compliance with tax laws is sensible and reasonable.”

    Actually, Bono isn’t that much of a lefty any more. He did a speech at Georgetown University a few years ago where he said that aid is just a stopgap, and global capitalism is the real solution to poverty.”.

    Plus he’s a philanthropist. He does give away a huge amount of his money. If I was as rich as Bono, I’d be doing the same – avoiding taxes to hand more to charities.

  5. So Much for Subtlety

    dearieme – “U2? I didn’t know they were still building those planes.”

    They stopped building them in 1989. But they are still flying them.

    The U-2 is one of a handful of aircraft types to have served the USAF for over 50 years. The newest models (TR-1, U-2R, U-2S) entered service in the 1980s. The current model, the U-2S, received its most recent technical upgrade in 2012. They have taken part in post-Cold War conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and supported several multinational NATO operations.

  6. The Stigler

    Exactly so. Bono is a very complex and multi-layered individual who does seem to have, at the very least, modified his views with experience. So he doesn’t seem to have many lefty defenders anymore.

  7. Bono had a fair point UNTIL he campaigned for other people’s taxes to be raised. Other people who don’t have the option of choosing a cheaper jurisdiction.

  8. @S2. You are correct, when Bono and the rest of the shower moved their corporation to the Netherlands after Ireland changed their tax laws to prevent multi millionaires from getting too much advantage from laws designed to assist small independent artists, he continued to lambaste the Irish government for not spending the 2% (or whatever figure he deems fitting) of GDP on foreign aid. He is a hypocritical scrote of the first order. As a Dublin taxi driver related to me, “The only difference between Bono and God is that God doesn’t think he’s Bono”

  9. @AM: by golly that was good stuff. “George Osborne [should abolish] tax relief on charitable giving. … And when he has done that, he should take a long look at charitable status and who should and shouldn’t have it, starting with pretty much every arts organisation in the country.” Yup.

    We used to give to a couple of the big national charities by Deed of Covenant. We stopped when we realised how sleazy such outfits had become. Now we give locally. If a local charity becomes sleazy we’d expect to hear about it.

  10. @SMFS: did you ever? Thank you for that. The U2 is so old that it was the sort of thing that interested me as a boy. Hell, I used to subscribe to RAF Flying Review.

  11. @ Andrew M
    This is *not* a government subsidy – the government is still in pocket to the extent of the NI Contributions that you cannot reclaim. If I spend N hours working for a charity without pay the government gets nothing: if I work N hours overtime and give my after-tax pay to the charity using Gift Aid, the government keeps 8% to 25.8% of my nominal pay – how can *you* call that a subsidy? [Ms Somerset Webb and Ms Toynbee are rich female journalists and hence deemed exempt from logic (that doesn’t apply to all females: logic (including mathematical logic) featured in two or three of my little sister’s degrees)].
    A few years ago I asked my main client if they could make a donation to a particular charity in lieu of paying me a fee, to which they readily agreed but the hassle they encountered from HMRC and Auditors was such that they subsequently asked me never to do so again. So I use Gift Aid and, being self-employed, only lose a little while employees lose over 15% of nominal pay.

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