Well, yes, this is what happens you see?

Documents show the extent of BP’s influence on government policy and how their intimate relationship is at odds with UK commitments to reduce carbon emissions

The British government did used to own BP you see….and that’s what happens when you’ve got government ownership of a commercial corporation. Government starts to be involved in the commercial corporation. Vide, say, Gazprom and the Russian government. Aramco and the Saudi.

Imagine how much more there would be if BP were still owned by the government?

6 thoughts on “Well, yes, this is what happens you see?”

  1. @BiND – no, sold it ages ago

    There’s still a very close relationship between BP and various arms of government around the world; for example, Sir John Sawers (former chief spook) joining the board last week

  2. FA: When you live and try to do business in a world filled with very nasty criminal gangs who do not hesitate for a second to employ the most brutal violence to achieve their aims–so-called “governments”– what else can be done but try to reach some kind of accommodation with the scum? Putting a hood or to on the board is just what happens.

  3. British government ministers promote interests of British companies abroad. Pope promotes interests of Catholicism abroad.

    If Britain were home to a world-class unicorn breeding company, you can be damn sure our MPs would be singing their praises at the top of their voices. We even have a Potato Council (formerly the Potato Marketing Board), whatever they do.

  4. @ Andrew M
    HMG collects tax on profits earned overseas except inasmuchas taxes have alreadsty been paid on those profits to overseas governments with which HMG has a double taxation treaty. So it is part of the fiduciary duty of HMG to promote the interests of British companies abroad whenever it does not conflict with “the national interest”.
    Only the Grauniad and Murphy and their like (not “ilk”) would dream of criticising this.

  5. So Much for Subtlety

    Andrew M – “Pope promotes interests of Catholicism abroad.”

    I am not sure the evidence is strong for that claim.

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