Anyone spotted that encyclical yet?

Can’t seem to find the text….

15 thoughts on “Anyone spotted that encyclical yet?”

  1. Matt W

    “No Latin version as far as I can see ”

    Then it doesn’t count. Since Latin is the official language, we will have to wait for the Latin version for the definitive teaching.

    In any case, it’s not infallible, nor is it dogma, so any Catholic is entitled to disagree ‘in charity’.

  2. So, is Frankie going to stop flying places for visits? Is he going to replace that with YouTube?

    My message to all these people is a simple one: you decarbonise. You give up on everything climate producing for a few years (and no cheating with offsets). None of these fuckers do.

  3. My message to him is don’t worry about AGW – sell the Vatican and everything in it, distribute the money to the poor and live a simple life among the lowest of the low. Then you shall have your reward in heaven.

  4. I’m surprised the Carholic Church and the Greens haven’t converged before this – both are authoritarian, backwards looking organisations/ideologies pining for the old days where people knew their place and there weren’t all these cheeky upstarts popping up all over the shop with their progress, inventions and, worst of all, money.

  5. “He’s God’s Vicar for crying out loud.”

    Yeah, and I bet God gets really pissed off with the tepid cooking sherry.

  6. If the Bible is even half true, then God being “pissed off” can be pretty much taken as read.

    If he doesn’t like the sherry, then the answer is in his all-powerful hands. Should he want a break from passive-aggressive whining.

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