But it is what we need because politics has to stump economics on days like this even if, paradoxically, the crisis has been created by politics ignoring the economic reality of Greece for far too long.

Dear God, where to start?

The break down of a politically imposed monetary system, one that has long been known to be economically impractical at best, must be trumped by politics again?

9 thoughts on “Bwahahahaha”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    Political will can’t make water flow uphill nor can it bend economics to its purpose.

    Such a nuisance…

  2. “What proportion of the world’s problems can be linked to politics trumping reality?”

    If we do it based on body count, probably most of them.

  3. “Political will can’t make water flow uphill”

    It doesn’t have to. It just needs to convince people that it is. It has done so (and is doing so) a surprising number of times.

    People aren’t interested in reality.

  4. Philip Scott Thomas

    …politics has to stump economics…

    “Stump”? How does politics stump economics?
    Did he mean “trump”?

  5. Surreptitious Evil

    Knocking the bails off is usually a good combat indicator of a stumping.

    Where do the “bails” of eurozone economics live? I have a sledgehammer?

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