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Can I get the JRF to pay for my advertising?

The gumption part is that writing a report, which then appears in the newspapers, as a method of getting a bit of publicity, is not exactly unknown in the think tank world. And the timewise foundation (like the not economics frankly crowd, it’s cool to obsess over the looming shortage of capitals) is actually a part of timewise recruitment network. Umm, specialists in finding part time work for people.

The tactic, of the report and the publicity, we do understand. But we’re just kicking ourselves at not having thought up the idea of getting a charity, like the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, to fund it all. Whatever butchery that does to charity law we do think it’s extremely clever. We suppose they’ve got to do something with the money now they’re not funding Richard Murphy.

4 thoughts on “Can I get the JRF to pay for my advertising?”

  1. Tim

    Other people have said the same thing – that JRF are no longer funding Murphy. Whilst such news would be teriffic, is it actually true? What’s the evidence?

  2. I’m glad to see that HMG’s Department of Report Classification awarded this work a “major” and a “robust”. Or are they just tooting their own horn?

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