Corbyn for Leader!

So he made it. Jeremy Corbyn is on the leadership ballot. Bats––t crazy Labour is alive and well.

And the more that batshit crazy Labour succeeds the less Labour as a whole will. Bring it on!

9 thoughts on “Corbyn for Leader!”

  1. Over here the PSOE (our Labour) sold out to the bat sh*t crazies and Madrid and Barcelona now have Mayors who are political Corbyns (or even further to the left) even though they were not the most voted parties. Throughout Spain the same story.

    It seems to me that the raison d’être of the PSOE and Labour is to ensure the evil, baby-munching Thatcher devotees are frozen out of society: I mean, they really are beyond the pale, eh, what?

    No policies, just hatred.

    This is going to be fun.

  2. It’s Michael Foot! Again! And, even if you don’t follow politics at all, you can tell it’s Michael Foot just by looking at him!

    They’re geniuses! They can’t lose!

    There are not enough exclamation marks for this.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Electing a loon like Corbyn would have the salutary effect of turning rather large swathes of former Labour heartlands into UKIP-leaning marginals or maybe even outright safe seats.

  4. I’ve paid my £3 to vote for Corbyn.

    Astonishingly I didn’t even have to agree that I supported Labour; you just give them your name, contact details and three quid and you get a vote in the leadership election.

    They must be desperately short of cash.

  5. Apparently Labour is thought to have around 190,000 members.

    In a 4-horse race, let’s say the winner would get 35% and Corbyn 10% (there must be at least that many lunatic Trots in Labour).

    That would put Corbyn 47,500 behind. At £3 each that’s £142,500. Worth someone funding to get the result?

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