Ever so slightly odd

George Ivan MORRISON, OBE For services to the Music Industry and to
Van Tourism in Northern Ireland.

He’s an ornery character, no doubt about it. So, did he promote tourism in NI by living in Bath for donkey’s years?

4 thoughts on “Ever so slightly odd”

  1. It doesn’t work like that, Tim. Fans are weird. They go and visit places their heroes come from. For reasons that escape me. There’s a brick wall featured on the cover of a Smiths album that actually attracts coachloads of Smiths fans. To look at a brick wall. And write on it. Pere la Chaise is full of Doors fans looking for Jim Morrison’s grave. When the Iron Curtain came down, we got loads of East European tourists in Bromley, Kent, looking for evidence of David Bowie. And NI’s tourism industry claims that you can “discover” George Best by visiting. He’s dead and he played for Man U, but hey. Maybe his spirit lives on in the hills.

    It is still right, however, that Van shouldn’t get any credit for such “services”, since they are based entirely on the irrational behaviour of others and not on his own efforts.

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