Fair Tax Mark on Today Programme

53 minutes in.

Absolutely monstered.

Poor, poor Ritchie.

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  1. 54 minutes.

    But yes, who allowed this retard onto national radio? Good grief, what a car crash. Not quite on Natalie Bennett levels, but close.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    It was joyous. Fair Tax Mark deployed as fig-leaf by an out and out wrong ‘un, a sort of Elmer Gantry and Tartuffe rolled into one but without the brains and who was effortlessly taken apart by Jim Naughtie.

  3. Ah, snuck off and listened in a quiet part of the office.

    I think that the sooner they get Richard Murphy on to defend the Fair Tax Mark in interview with Naughtie the better.

    I’d pay to sit in the audience for that.

  4. Precis “It’s complete cr*p really but it sounds good so we thought we’d sign up for it”.

    Shades of putting Arbeit Macht Frei outside Auschwitz.

  5. The CEO of SSE was even channelling Ed Balls by dropping the “T” at the end of the apposite words. Wonderful stuff: Naughtie was obviously pretty disgusted and I wouldn’t be surprised if after the broadcast he was metaphorically counting his spoons.

  6. What this shows is that one reason for the paying to have the Fair Tax Mark is to buy some moral high ground when you have some dodginess to cover up.

  7. paused it as it began to go South.. Cringe organs cannot take that loading. Will listen to some verdi and then return.

  8. Tim, I’d be quite interested to have the ins and outs of negative interest rates explained to me – as currently is the case in Switzerland, if you were lacking in future topics (unlikely, I know).

  9. We don’t think there will ever be significant negative interest rates for any length of time. The lower bound being that at some point it becomes cheaper to move into cash and store that. So, what’s the cost of a decent safe? That’s how negative interest rates can go. So, roughly speaking, the effects not going to be all that large.

  10. “So, what’s the cost of a decent safe? ” And insurance……………………

    Anyway, the upside is I just closed a 5-yr fixed mortgage deal for 1.17% 🙂

  11. @abacab
    “Anyway, the upside is I just closed a 5-yr fixed mortgage deal for 1.17% :)”
    Is that including the fees?

  12. I was wondering who that middle aged bloke in glasses was who was stumbling through Shepherds Budh in a daze this morning.

  13. Hardly a monstering. Murphy wasn’t broadcast.

    It’s all obvious or trivial except when it’s trivial. And so obvious to be trivial. Except rape and gays, which you find not obvious, but trivial. From Portugal. The Lord High Tat Describer.

  14. @David – yes, no fees. You only get fees if you’re dumb enough to go direct.

    @AndyC – Credit Suisse, via Moneypark. 5-yr fixed, LTV of 58% on a small place, not owner-occupied (most lenders weren’t interested cos the mortgage was too small). Conditions included a BonViva Silver package and agreeing to park a certain amount of savings with them. Plus, amortising 1’900 p.a. until LTV=50%

    Lowest LTV is probably 80% for owner-occupied.

    If you’re in CH, go to Moneypark. I mentioned them to Postfinance and the guy laughed and said “of course you got a better deal than we could give you direct!”

  15. Re the interview: it’s the pause when he realises he is going to be challenged that I love.

  16. @Arnald

    It was the Fair Tax Mark that got devalued as not realy being any sort of indication that a company is morally superior.

    And that is bad news for Murphaloon as he was hoping that the Fair Tax Mark Limited would be capable of shovelling out £100k+ a year in staff and consultancy fees into tax research, no doubt with some of that shovelled his way.

    Ain’t going to happen.

  17. Ironman/AndyC

    So you love the guy hesitating when trying to do a live interview about the company he works for. The fair tax mark was mentioned once with respect to a PR initiative to gain some sort public credibility. It wasn’t Murphy saying that. At the very least there is a recognition that SSE are twats. And so what if there is a need to create enough income to pay wages and research.

    And there is a support on this forum that always defends those big-corps that control the markets. SSE may well be trying to be more transparent about their accounting processes. The free market needs transparency in order to function as the theory dictates.

  18. Arnie–The state controls –or tries to-the markets. It may grant money and privilege to certain corporations who are its buddies. However being buddies with the state is akin to being pals with Cesare Borgia.–you are always only one mood swing away from being stabbed and thrown down a marble staircase. This system is that variant of your own dear socialism known as corporate socialism (fascism being a word debased to meaninglessness by leftist con-men like yourself).

    Murphy is a self-serving leftist parasite but you obviously cannot hold that against him because so are you.

  19. Naughty was obviously blissfully unaware that he was, in attacking a nasty big capitalist company, also shredding a fellow lefty.

    It obviously didn’t occur to him that a fellow lefty who thinks the State should do everything would set up a private organisation to do a job normally done by the State.

  20. The Meissen Bison

    >John Miller

    That’s rather good observation and clears up the bit that had me scratching my head.


  21. Bit late to that. A classic example of how you can never prostrate yourself enough, and attempts to do so mostly lead to contempt. I’d not have been surprised if Naughtie offered him a pistol with which to do the decent thing, and then led demands for his body to be buried in an unmarked grave filled with quicklime. It’s never enough, they are only interested in total victory and we need to recognise that and fight them on the same terms.

  22. Also btw a classic example of the moronic wimps infesting much of British business, and of the BBC reliance on meaningless polls of idiots as long as they support the general BBC line.

    So a threefer.

  23. @Ironman

    “Murphy was due to be on the programme with him but got dumped.”

    So he claims. But then he often claims he was invited to speak on TV or at a conference but it got cancelled at the last minute or he was taken ill and it fell through.

    I think there’s an element of Walter Mitty here.

    Like his repeated references to important people he speaks to who agree with him but can’t go on the record.

    Or the journalists who ask him to explain something which explanation he then turns into a blog.

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