Fun quiz

20. Which of the following is NOT an American Indian tribe in the United States?


25/25 for me. Obviously one question Elizabeth Warren would be able to get right.

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  1. 24.

    I chose the wrong way for who takes the White House if Potus and Veep are both down. It was the one I chose first, before second-guessing myself!

    And I made some good educated guesses on a few questions. I had wondered whether Timmy’s was a trick question (might one of them be in Canada only?), but decided to take it straight.

    So is my Green Card in the post, then?

  2. 25. Snap.

    But the test disappoints because it’s simply a multiple-choice trivia test. People can pass who only bone up on trivia, or guess at the rest.

    Sorta like the people Oscar Wilde described as knowing the cost of everything but the value of nothing.

  3. 24 – exactly the same comments as Philip Walker, oddly enough 🙂

    Squander Two: as all US citizens have to file returns, it seems reasonable to ask them that. Whether it’s reasonable to require them all to file returns is another matter, of course 🙂

  4. Pellinor,

    Yes, I think my objection was less that a question was about the tax system and more that it was about a filing deadline, which is a bit of arbitrary bureaucracy. It’s the difference between the right to bear arms and the current legal maximum capacity of a handgun magazine.

  5. Tax Return Day seems to be quite a thing over in the US though.

    As it should be: we all know that only by filing a tax return can one properly participate in a democracy 😉

  6. > Tax Return Day seems to be quite a thing over in the US though.

    Funnily enough, turns out it’s my birthday. So they could just be celebrating that.

  7. 25/25

    So is my Green Card in the post, then?

    I hope for your sake it’s not. Cos then you’ll discover how funny the Monty Python gag “I think we should tax foreigners living abroad” really is.

  8. abacab,

    It’s not often I feel sympathy for Boris Johnson, but landing a six-figure tax bill from a country he was born in but only briefly lived in does seem rather unfortunate. Although the rules are quite clear, and he should have renounced his citizenship sooner.

  9. “Although the rules are quite clear”

    Not if you couldn’t conceive of it happening they’re not….

    Try and work out from first principles how a UK ISA is meant to be taxed and reported for a “US Person” (which includes a Brit who had a green card in the 80s and just let it expire cos nobody told him how to exit the system properly).

  10. 25/25, I thank you.

    I did, however, manage to fail a sample UK Citizenship test. The US test is much more about key historical events, and how the nation is structured. It strikes me as pretty good, all things considered.

    A couple of the UK questions I failed, and that I can remember:

    – How many under 18’s are there?
    – Standard Library opening hours?

    It was statist bollocks I thought.

  11. Not really sure about that Indian tribe one. Iroquois isn’t a tribe either: it’s a confederation of five (later six) tribes.

    Of course, the only reason I’m bitching is because I grew up in Iroquois country and got that one wrong. 😉

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