Let’s be generous here

A letter has been published in the Guardian tonight signed by 77 economists that says George Osborne’s plan to legislate for budget surpluses makes no sense. I reproduce it below as I’m one of the signatories.

76 economists then.

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  1. Meanwhile…

    Great competition, 25 free Fair Tax Marks available to small businesses!

    Quick get your entry in before the closing date!

    And here’s the list of winners….

    Oh, try Google…

    Nothing there, I’ll ask Ritchie… (post deleted).

    Time for a new slogan:
    “The Fair Tax Mark – We can’t even fucking give it away!”

  2. My name is Richard Murphy.

    I was born not-economist. However I self-identify as an economist.

    The world cannot and should not judge me.

    Over 90% of the left are TransEconomist. Our voice must be heard.


    (With apologies to Godfrey Elfwick)

  3. Am i being stupid, but how would overly tight fiscal policy cause a “liquidity crisis” as suggested in the letter?
    Could the Bank of England not address that if necessary?

  4. Osborne is being a chump. Labour could campaign next time promising to retain the law and honour it. That could remove one of their greatest electoral weaknesses.

    Mind you, they might be too stupid to see the opportunity.

  5. “Am i being stupid, but how would overly tight fiscal policy cause a “liquidity crisis” as suggested in the letter?”

    Shortage of pork for True Believers. Just think of all those grants and government contracts disappearing. It’s enough to make you weep.

  6. Thatcher’s 364 opponents at least had something meaty to oppose. Osborne’s budget is just nibbling at the edges. These 76 economists have nothing to moan about.

  7. This is just another version of that “the queen to kick the torys out of downing st” petition, but with added self-importance.

  8. Same old, same old. Prem Sikka, Richard Murphy, Ha-Joon Chang, Piketty, Mazzacuto, a couple of NEFfers.

    Anyone in there with a foot in the Friedman/Hayek camp, normally?

  9. GlenDorran – very good.

    Dearieme – wouldn’t make any difference except to reduce Labour’s vote, since a goodly percentage of their followers are teat suckers. It would actually divide them further – probably a master stroke by Osborne if anything.

  10. Blue Burmese – I think I saw a tweet yesterday saying that 10 companies have it and another 10 are in the pipeline, but I can’t remember who posted it and I can’t find it now. So I may have imagined it 🙂

    Certainly the “who’s got it?” page on the website shows 10 companies, including the 3 pioneers.

  11. I think the Graun referred to them as “economists and academics”. The LHTD is neither.

  12. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If fire and brimstone fail to descend from the sky and the economy does not collapse, presumably this histrionic nonsense will disappear down the memory hole, just like warmenists and their “Arctic to be ice-free by 20XX” claims conveniently being swept under the rug when 20XX rolls around and the Arctic remains stubbornly frozen.

  13. The best thing about the interwebtubes is that they expose stupidity to the pitiless and incandescent rays of the hot truth.

    But, Tim, you impede this process by refusing to link to the Great Stupid. Please stop being a drag on the victory chariot.

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