Nonsense from Mark Carney

Bank of England’s Mark Carney said many traders are unaware of ethics

Everyone in The City knows ethics. It’s a county near London.

8 thoughts on “Nonsense from Mark Carney”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    I am thinking back to the glorious day when some Greenies turned up in the City.

    The Greens knew all about ethics. The Traders said “Sod off Swampy”.

    I know which who is better off for that arrangement.

  2. I was doing my Part 1 at the LSA opposite the Bailey when I first heard that. 60-19=41 years and I bet it was an old’un then…

  3. Is he referring to old-fashioned actual ‘ethics’ here, or the modern interpretation which is simply having socialist beliefs?

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