Oh dear George, oh dear

Last week a note from an analyst at Barclays’ Global Power and Utilities group in New York was leaked. It addressed students about to begin a summer internship, and offered a glimpse of the toxic culture into which they are inducted.

“I wanted to introduce you to the 10 Power Commandments … For nine weeks you will live and die by these … We expect you to be the last ones to leave every night, no matter what … I recommend bringing a pillow to the office. It makes sleeping under your desk a lot more comfortable … the internship really is a nine-week commitment at the desk … an intern asked our staffer for a weekend off for a family reunion – he was told he could go. He was also asked to hand in his BlackBerry and pack up his desk … Play time is over and it’s time to buckle up.”

That Barclays note was a spoof. A joke. J.O.K.E.


9 thoughts on “Oh dear George, oh dear”

  1. It says to bring a spare tie in case your superiors run out of napkins. We all know Monbiot has no sense of humour, but does The Guardian not have editors who might have noticed that?

  2. “Bring a pillow”
    Anyone who could not spot that it was a spoof is mentally deficient. But the Grauniad chooses to pretend that it is serious: why? One guess.

  3. What am I saying? – the reason that I saw it was a spoof was the suggestion that interns had to be the last to leave – moronic! Elementary security is that all interns have to leave before the respionsible supervisor lest they transfer a trillion pounds to the mafia or ISIL.

  4. It wasn’t supposed to be taken literally, but it was apparently a genuine email sent to interns, who will have understood it as an exaggerated version of the truth.

    Elementary security is that all interns have to leave before the respionsible supervisor lest they transfer a trillion pounds to the mafia or ISIL.

    No they don’t. Front office systems don’t do money transfers, and in practice no one worries about who’s on the floor unsupervised.

    And actually these interns were analysts. The only systems they’ve got access to handle research data.

  5. sackcloth and ashes

    George Moonbat doesn’t have a sense of humour and can’t spot a joke.

    Who could have guessed?

  6. It’s a shit joke that had the potential to cause massive embarrassment to the employer. Who commits such arseholery to writing nowadays. He is stupid enough to deserve to be canned

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Yes, there was an instant run on the shares and half the board jumped off the roof. Meanwhile, in the real world nobody except you and Mongbat gave a fuck.

  8. I don’t really give that much of a fuck, although I am glad he has been sacked. He is in an industry that is deeply unpopular and if he thinks putting this crap joke down in a permanent format is either funny or a good idea then he doesn’t have the brains he was born with. He works in an organization that sacked people for spending their OWN money on ostentatious wines at a restaurant, and thought this was worth the effort.

    He’s a tit, who got his comeuppance. Perhaps he’ll learn from the experience.

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