Phew, I can retire

Because Dennis is on Ritchie’s case.

9 thoughts on “Phew, I can retire”

  1. Good stuff, and I particularly like the payoff line, Dennis:

    ‘As with all Social Justice Warriors, Murphy’s real intent is to establish a sort of faux moral superiority, which he will then use to dictate to others what they can and cannot do. In other words, he’s a bit of a Roderick Spode. Or an Ironman.’

  2. He also tends not to publish comments on his blog that criticise his articles. Some of my critical comments and critical comments by others don’t appear.

    In contrast if I told Tim he was a f*cking, stupid, pig ignorant git, I’m sure he’d publish that.

  3. Murphy is only “a bit of” a Spode though.

    Wodehouse would have had Murphy in a minor role.

    The joke with the Murph is the gap between between his Herculean self-regard, and his piggy little face.

  4. Has Ken Livingstone signed the Fair Tax Pledge? I’m sure Margaret Hodge has done so ages ago.

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