Pretty much right

None of which means that we don’t care about the power wielded by that amorphous, grey, unelected and undemocratic officious mass in Brussels. We may not be able to identify or differentiate them, or tell what they do individually, or understand the pompous titles and spurious offices with which they reward each-other, but by Golly we don’t want to give up our own democratic power to them. They may be fine running places such as Luxembourg or Belgium, countries that don’t matter, but you wouldn’t trust them with the UK, would you?

Or as I’ve been known to put it, we just don’t want to be ruled by those fuckers.

2 thoughts on “Pretty much right”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    but by Golly we don’t want to give up our own democratic power to them.

    Yes we do actually. Maybe some of us don’t want to in principle. But when it comes down to it, on a case-by-case basis, a lot of people are happy giving up our democratic rights to them. The Left usually finds some spurious cause to push their ever-tighter-control-and-regulation. So the Green movement exists to make us feel so bad about the whales we will give up power to the Grey Goo Suits. The Feminist movement engages in passive aggressive guilt tripping to the same end.

    So we are reluctantly dragged into a bureaucratic hell. And there is no way back.

    That is not even counting those that think 1984 was a how-to book, not a warning.

  2. Correction. As SMFS correctly points out, some of us don’t want to be ruled by those fuckers, the rest are quite happy; all you need is the unsubstantiated threat that their summer package holiday will have to be forfeited.

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