Rachel’s Song

Coloured People

by Pulp?

22 thoughts on “Rachel’s Song”

  1. Blackened, by Metallica
    The Edge of Darkness, by Iron Maiden
    Any Colour You Like, by Pink Floyd

  2. Black Math – The White Stripes

    Black Magic Woman – Carlos Santana

    A Whiter Shade of Pale – Procol Harum

    Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones

  3. So spoilt for choice.

    But after long consideration

    Black Snake Moan by Lead Belly

    Has to be it.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Back to Black – Amy Winehouse
    And one for Lizzie: Cherokee Nation by Paul Revere and the Raiders.

  5. Back in black – AC/DC

    And in honour of her career in the race industry, The End – The Doors.

    As an aside, you have to say her parents must really hate her – not only did they screw her up by adopting 4 or 5 other kids from an entirely different continent, they then apparently f*cked off to S Africa with them, abandoning her and now have dropped her right in the sh*t by shopping her fraud to the worlds press. I mean, regardless of the morality of what she’s done, its your own flesh and blood, you’d want to extract them from the situation without destroying their entire life wouldn’t you?

  6. Given the untethered nature of her mind, I go for Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, by Spiritualized (which I heartily recommend).

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