Ritchie and bonds

If there was dramatic sell off there would be liquidity


So he doesn’t understand finance either?

17 thoughts on “Ritchie and bonds”

  1. “The Pope says technology and finance are blocking the path to addressing climate change” says Ritchie.

    Since he deleted my post, I assume he approves of the Catholic Church’s position on contraception and its effects on population, AIDS, population growth and child mortality.

  2. Kanye Cumon-Mytitz

    Lars Rimmer. Given that he also allows Sue Queef and Guy Felching, I think we can take it that he and his wife do not enjoy an adventurous evening lifestyle. Like that should be a fucking surprise.

  3. Does anyone know how this epic internet war between Tim and Ritchie start? Or was it so long ago that no one remembers the origin?

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The Worstalls and the Murphys have always bin a-fightin’ and a-feudin’ ever since ol’ Silas Murphy done plugged great-grandpappy Zacharias Worstall down in Butcher Holler over a barrel of ‘shine back in ’27.

  5. plugged him, y’say? Over a barrel?

    Now that’s a fudge-packin’ finger-lickin’ hard-timin’ marmite motorway of a euphamism I ain’t heard for a mighty long time 🙂

  6. Certainly there would be liquidity – for a vulture hedgie buying distressed assets!
    Murphy hates the rich (apart from himself – in a world context he’s not just in the top 1% he’s somewhere in the top 0.5%) so he’s happy to see all the sellers of government bonds losing tons of cash.

  7. @ BiCR
    great-grandpappy Zacharias Worstall should have been in a wheelchair in ’27 if he was still above ground.

  8. This is one of the worst blogs I have seen for some time – Bloke in Germany basically buries him alive, as does John Carter. However, Time you could add history, science and politics (at the very least) to the list of topics which the cretin doesn’t understand. I particularly like his post on him being ‘guilty’ of a crime in wanting redistributive taxation – it seems he is still in denial over the general election result!

  9. The Meissen Bison

    Glen Dorran: He’s posted Lars Rimmer’s comment.

    Tailleur de Pipe also chimed in…

  10. A long, long time ago, I gave up reading Murphy’s sanctimonious circle jerk site, even when referred to particularly asinine postings of his.

    But it seems from what you report that I might have been too hard on him (and more particularly myself) if he is unwittingly allowing the current crop of pseudonyms to post.

    “You’ve all done very well!” – whoever you are.

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