Rich and powerful people know rich and powerful people:

Tony Blair used his taxpayer-supported globe-trotting to dine out with a glittering array of wealthy friends and business contacts, according to the documents seen by The Telegraph.

Well, ain’t that a shit.

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  1. That tendency of Blair’s was noted even before he first became prime minister. Did he take us to war in Iraq primarily to enable him to suck up to one particular rich / powerful individual: G.W.Bush?

  2. “Well, ain’t that a shit.”

    He certainly is. In view of his new “job” as head of the Eurotrash group trying to criminalise free speech as hate speech everything he does should now be watched minutely. On another forum IanB has expressed concern that Bliar might use his “contacts” to further this piece of tyranny but I think that Princess Toni’s status as a hate figure will set back this vile scheme. Whoever he dines or talks with and whatever/wherever he does/goes needs to be carefully watched from now on.

  3. Ecks: well my point there really was that IMV the appointment of Blair to this role is an indicator that they’re very serious about implementation, since he is high profile and well connected. For his part, he probably sees it as another opportunity to “leave his mark on history” as the man who implemented the blanket ban on politically incorrect speech across the whole of the EU.

  4. Tony Blair is one of those folks who makes me wonder if, maybe, David Icke has a point.

    There’s something very Uncanny Valley-ish about his rictus grin and flat, sharklike eyes.

    He must wake up every morning and marvel at the fact he’s not in jail yet.

  5. @Noel Scoper (and will we have some comment on this from Tim?)

    Yes, the FTM has reached its most pathetic phase yet. The take up of the FTM has been woefully pathetic even in light of its woefully low target (an ambition of 350 companies in 3 years compared to c2,400,000 active companies).

    Now we have this pathetic ‘pledge’ saying we will declare and pay the right amount of tax. Funnily enough, people pledge this when they sign their tax return.

    This is nothing but an attempt to generate pubicity by a failing pressure group. I think Murphy truly believed there would be lots of money sloshing around which could be ‘granted’ to him so he could carry on spouting shyte in comfort.

    Makes me happy that the plan has failed so miserably.

    What next? A pledge not to mug old ladies or rob banks at gunpoint?

  6. Poor Ritchie.

    This time last year he must’ve had pretty reasonable expectations of the FTM providing him a well-funded retirement, and he could also expect a nice sinecure – maybe even a life peerage – from Prime Minister Miliband’s government.

    Now his hopes and dreams have been dashed by those bastard neoliberals, he’ll have to go back on the game.

  7. Groan. Ecks’ “Eurotrash group” has nothing to do with being serious about implementation. It’s a private organisation, one of those thinktank/sinecure for washed-up politicians things. They, just like Mr Ecks, are perfectly entitled to form and propagate their opinions. What they can’t do is “shut down politically incorrect speech across the whole of the EU”.

    They can of course advocate for that. Which surely is exactly what they should be allowed to do in a socially liberal society, isn’t it?

    Ecks probably assumes that since it has “European” in its title, it must be part of the evil EUSSR.

  8. BiG-

    Your naivete is charming. This is how EU legislation works; favoured NGOs and pressure groups write framework documents, dine with commissioners, and in the fullness of time they get promoted to legislation. Who do you think writes all the EU’s laws? In a “government” with no legislature?

    There’s normally a preceding NGO campaign in the press to create the illusion of “grass roots” and a “discussion in society” that “needs to be addressed”. As a current example, the constant stories about “street sexual harrassment” as part of the move towards implementation of the framework being pushed by the European Womens Lobby for the prohibition of wolf whistling by the EU.

    It’s a slow process, deliberately. But it’s a process, and why the appointment of Blair to head up Moshe Kantor’s group is considerably worrying.

  9. Steve-

    Yes. I’ve found a lot of people- ordinary people I mean without strong political or rightwingextremist views- get that vibe about Blair. The something just not quite right about him thing.

  10. @IanB, no one is stopping you from setting up a pressure group to lobby for the opposite. I might even be in on it. Especially if it means lots of swanky noms at top restaurants.

    I agree Bliar is reptilian, but Milliband clinched it for me.

  11. no one is stopping you from setting up a pressure group to lobby for the opposite.

    Except time, money, ability and the certain exclusion from the Proggie NGO network when my pressure group is found to be “off message”.

    The EU (and Proggie politics in general) is oligarchic; you have to be in with the in-crowd to get any traction at all. The EU’s system is a pinnacle of this, in which “democracy” is refashioned as “legislation by approved stakeholders”.

    It’s interesting to compare this to Athenian Democracy; it had many flaws, but it is clear that every measure was designed to prevent control by special interests, and thus it consisted mostly of appointment by sortition rather than voting for representatives, and the body of the people themselves got to do the voting directly in the assembly. Neither were there lawyers, nor judges, in courts.

    If they could understand two and a half millennia ago that professional politics is anathema to democracy, why don’t we?

  12. Blair is an unsettlingly loathsome wee twat – both wicked and a loonie.

    Whereas G Broon, though a bloody awful Chancellor, wasn’t much worse than an ordinarily bad PM. Clearly his character had been poisoned by frustrated ambition – and still he was saner than Blair, and less evil.

    I don’t bloody care for that Cameron either.

  13. One of Labour’s biggest triumphs was to label Blair with the catastrophe of the Iraq War. You’d never guess 80% of the Labour Party voted for it. Nope, it was Blair.

  14. So Much for Subtlety

    Just in passing, Ed Balls is being giving a sinecure at Harvard to teach about governing.

    Time for a Second Dissolution of the Monasteries? Clearly they are wasting their endowment.

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