Erich Mielke says:
June 29 2015 at 12:04 pm
Andrew, you are quite right to pay tribute to the one of the Soviet Union’s greatest achievements! No doubt the usual neo liberals will shortly be here to say this does not justify millions of deaths but this is pure sophistry. Roll on the Courageous State!

27 thoughts on “Tee Hee”

  1. The weird thing is, he obviously reads comments and identifies the names because he apparently bans your mutual troll Ironman quite a bit.

    So clearly he has either never heard of Mielke and so if very poorly informed, or is terribly naiive, or approves of the adoption of his name by his commenters.

    I’m going for 1) shading into 3) after he uses Google.

  2. The fact he can’t see people are taking the piss in increasing numbers of posts just shows how up his own ego he really is.

  3. Haha… I had to Google Erich Mielke when I saw it. At first I thought it was an anagram of Richie something that I couldn’t work out.

  4. Ritchie also approved this one:

    Jay Cowperthwaite says:
    June 25 2015 at 7:00 am
    Statistics are always abused by governments like this.

  5. Between Mielke, Sue Queef, Deirdre Dutt-Pauker, Heinz Kiosk and a variety of others ‘Section 1 of the comments policy’ is looking a bit shaky!

  6. Between Mielke, Sue Queef, Deirdre Dutt-Pauker, Heinz Kiosk and a variety of others the famous ‘Section 1 of the comments policy’ is looking a bit shaky!

    Interested – in deference to Ironman he unmasked himself in abject horror at Murphy’s defense of Margaret Hodge’s time at Islington council on account of her ‘commitment to tax justice’ and was thereafter banned….

  7. “Margaret Hodge’s time at Islington council”: is that a friends-of-the-paedophiles-related sneer? Shouldn’t it be accompanied by a similar sneer directed at the current Leader of the Labour party?

    How many more of those leftie harridans were f-o-t-p?

  8. My comment has now been deleted. I assume that the neo liberals have censored Richard Murphy’s blog. Disgraceful! As Mr Murphy is well aware, censorship is only appropriate if exercised by a Courageous State!

  9. @Van-Patten – ah yes, as ‘David Williams’.

    Complete.with.bizarre additional fullstops, misspellings, DEMANDS FOR STUFF in CAPITAL LETTERS and de haut en bas moral slurs.

    The man is unmistakeable. I shall seek him out elsewhere!

  10. Arnald

    You’d have been quite at home under Erich Mielke – but no doubt you have a video of the late Tony Benn or some such ‘proof’ of your rectitude you can provide….

  11. The sort who goes scurrying off to his master with a titbit of information, hoping for approbation.

    The sort who was common in lots of totalitarian regimes, regimes of the sort you frot yourself silly about, fantasising and dreaming of the day when one arrives here, being unable to make anything of yourself in the real world where possessing no actual ability to do anything beyond make third rate copies of Cardigans records means you wind up as a nobody, when you just know you should be somebody.

    The sort who (as VP points out) would hope to find himself ten rungs below a new Erich Mielke – guaranteed a few crumbs from the table and a small flat somewhere.

    That sort.

  12. not really, Interested. I just pointed out who Mielke was. He didn’t publish it.

    If I was “scurrying” I would have done so long before now. I did find some of the anagrams quite funny.

    Cardigans? Frottage? Crumbs? What the fuck are you on about? Clueless.Thick.Tosser

  13. ‘I did find some of the anagrams quite funny.’

    I hate to break it to you, but none of Mielke, Sue Queef, Deirdre Dutt-Pauker, Heinz Kiosk or (my personal favourite) Guy Felching are anagrams, so any humour you identified in them seems likely to be misplaced.

    Though I do like the mental image of your tiny little brain working eight to the dozen to try to work them out.

  14. Interested

    Sigh. How do you get through life talking out of your arse. Your assertions are just wrong. Your feeble projection is delusional and your attempt at a put-down is juvenile.

    Try again mon vieux. Or don’t as you’ll cock that up aswell.


  15. Interested

    Actually, there have been large numbers of anagrams played out on there.

    Arnald is right, some of them are amusing, some extremely rude, and lots more…;)

    For obvious reasons, I won’t elaborate…

  16. Van_Patten

    Thank you for reminding me of Murphy’s dismissal – really, simply a dismissal – of the Islington child abuse scandal. He was quite unabashed when I told him just how low the depths he was plumbing were.

    It was indeed quite contemptible; I didn’t think we could get lower on a blog of this sort. However, yesterday Interested announced his desire to see my children murdered by a terrorist, so I was proved wrong.

    Anyway, both Interested and Richard Murphy think I am a troll.

  17. I always thought Mr Ecks was the troll on here. His output is very much a parody of the underlying opinions on here. The fact that it’s supposed to be serious content is surely a sign that Worstall is propagating a habitat that encourages regressive evolution.

  18. Arnald, I congratulate you on your loyalty to the Courageous State. What are you doing on Saturday? There are these irritating fellows Anlauf and Lenck I need help in dealing with.

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