The Fair Tax Pledge

Well, isn’t this interesting. Ritchie’s launched the Fair Tax Pledge. Where you promise to obey the law when dealing with your taxes. As AndyC notes:

Now we have this pathetic ‘pledge’ saying we will declare and pay the right amount of tax. Funnily enough, people pledge this when they sign their tax return.

The truly interesting bit is that if you sign it and ask, they’ll send you a little badge that you can put in the window. And yet they’re not charging anything for it.

Can we hope that Murph is paying for this directly himself?

27 thoughts on “The Fair Tax Pledge”

  1. It’s there. Anyone getting more than 66% on the secrecy list from the TJN.

    They obviously couldn’t insist upon “any tax haven” because of course the loons insist the UK is one.

  2. Indeed, note how the list order changes, on the secrecy jurisdictions website it’s ordered to make Switzerland evil on the top.

    However, you can’t do the on the FTP site as that would make Germany, the US and the UK a tax haven, so sorted by some other bullshit metric.

  3. I’ve signed it.

    If you want the logo, just get it here:

    The form has no captcha so expect the spam bots to be at it soon.

    Most amusingly, for a man that insists that beneficial owner records are a must, the fair tax pledge domain name lookup shows again Fulcrum Chartered Accountants:

    Data validation:
    Nominet was not able to match the registrant’s name and/or address against a 3rd party source on 02-Jun-2015

  4. Since they won’t be checking, could we not send in a few pledges from

    M Mouse
    D Duck
    B Madoff
    G Barlow
    L Piggott

    And so on?

    Be a trvial and meaningless laugh but would show up the ‘pledge’ as the idiotic thing that it is.

  5. Hold on – I can get a Fair Tax Mark, if I pay a chunk of cash and spend time in discussions convincing someone I should have it. This allows me to put a little logo in my window, and say I have it.

    Or I can get an almost-identical little logo, and the right to say something almost identical, for nothing and with no audit?

    Why would I ever want to do the former?

    This would seem to mean that no-one’s going to be signing up to the FTM in future; though as very few people have done so to date, perhaps this is conceding that the FTM is not as popular as was originally envisaged?

  6. Although it’s nice to see that the Pledge is about paying a “fair” amount of tax, whereas the Mark was (potentially, at least) more about explaining why you weren’t paying a fair amount.

  7. What a load of bollocks. You can sign up multiple times with the same email address. Who coded this crap?

  8. There’s some letter Murphaloon wants people to download and send to their accountant.

    This pledge requires that the advisor must not advise the individual to MAKE USE of DOTAS etc schemes.

    Presumably there’s no problem with making a client AWARE of such schemes?

    Gets more and more bat shit crazy all the time.

  9. I posted a comment promising to sign The Pledge. But he deleted it! Could it be because I called myself Margaret Hodge?

  10. @ Noel Scoper
    I counted 29 heads, so there must be a few journalists from the Grauniad, New Statesman and Morning Star there as well.

  11. ” Where next for the Fair Tax Mark?”
    Meesha Nehru & Richard Murphy”

    I see the agenda for the FTM conference includes a workshop on the above?

    Anyone on here got any ideas, predictions or suggestions?

    Might be worth getting a FTM just in case its scarcity value makes it worth something in years to come, like those Midland bank piggy banks.

  12. @John77

    You’re there? Will we have a summary of the day from you?

    It might counter the story we get from Murphy, in which crowds of thousands cheer his name, and everything he says, to the rafters before carrying him aloft their shoulders to be annointed as a living God.

  13. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I am looking at that photo and practically sobbing with vicarious boredom. I wonder how long I could stand actually being there before I cracked. Screw waterboarding, if the Feds ever wanted me to cough to anything, subjecting me to Murphy and his band of merry men would have me singing like a canary in five minutes flat.

  14. Never has the term “circlejerk” felt more apt than imaging the people in that room for the “conference” – something which I imagine will be delivered in the same rational, calm, open, honest, debatable nature as the Nuremberg Rallies

  15. Oh, yes, I se now, having opened up the picture in the tweet.

    Conference? Aren’t conferences held in halls capable of holding hundreds? That room looks like it’d get hot and sweaty if it held 50.

    And with 20+ people down to pontificate at one time or another, it doesn’t leave much room for anyone else. and they were actually trying to get people to stump up money to come! With ‘early bird’ discounts.

    Usually when something is failing so miserably, that part of my soul where pathos resides starts feeing sorry for those involved but here, pathos as gone on a short holiday and inside my soul, joy and laughter and even schadenfreude are having a party.

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