The No Breakfast Fallacy

11 thoughts on “The No Breakfast Fallacy”

  1. £4.51 for 57 pages on Kindle?

    As a pensioner, I think I’ll conserve my scarce monetary resources…….

  2. Jonathan Livingstone Sparrow

    Much enjoyed your El Reg summer lecture on this the other day.

    FWIW you are much slimmer than I thought you would be!

    And the book is a good read too.

  3. Something’s wrong on the ‘LOOK INSIDE’ preview on All the type is garbled. The text has negative kerning and is running over itself making it impossible to read.

    You should get it sorted asap.

  4. We have sorted it out. And Amazon tells us that it takes 7 days to propagate through hte system.

  5. Tim

    Have you let the Murphaloon know you have published a book? He seems to have difficulties doing that these days and I am sure he would take inspiration from you.

    Will there be a squirrel-skin bound hardback edition of your book?

  6. Looks like a balnk post to me, must be Adblock-ed. Anyway, good luck with it Tim, whatever it is. 😉

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