There is no slippery slope of course

Thousands of elderly people have been killed by their own GPs without ever asking to die under Belgium’s euthanasia laws, an academic report said yesterday.
It said that around one in every 60 deaths of a patient under GP care involves someone who has not requested euthanasia.
Half of the patients killed without giving their consent were over the age of 80, the study found, and two thirds of them were in hospital and were not suffering from a terminal disease such as cancer.
In about four out of five of the cases, the death was not discussed with patients subjected to ‘involuntary euthanasia’ because they were either in a coma, they were diagnosed with dementia, or because doctors decided it would not be in their best interests to discuss the matter with them.
Very often doctors would not inform the families of plans to lethally inject a relation because they considered it a medical decision to be made by themselves alone, the report published by the Journal of Medical Ethics said.

Just no such thing as acceptance of one practice leading on to acceptance of the next step along.

What was it Harold Shipman was jailed for again? And would we have to offer him a posthumous pardon?

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  1. Tim, think of this way. No Liverpool Care Pathway. No wasted bureaucracy. They’re saving public money, and isn’t that more important than keeping the annoying old farts alive?

  2. The Nazi regime may have put back eugenics for a generation or two, but the philosophical and ‘scientific’ underpinnings are still there. It’s just a question of time.

    If you can nobble them before the beginning, why not also at the end?

    I wonder whether not-so-inclined doctors shouldn’t create a ‘FairTrade’-style label: they could stick it on their letter headings and surgeries: “Hypocratic medicine practised here”

  3. Harold Shipman’s mistake was altering the wills of his victims in his favour. Had he stuck with straight-up killing them, he’d have had PaulB on here defending him on the grounds that his sticking the knife in did not actually kill anyone it was the subsequent bleeding that killed them, and it was not his job to stop bleeding in patients according to paragraph 42.3 subsection 8 of the NHS People’s Charter.

  4. @Ben S: “Hippocratic medicine” might be more attractive. “Hypocratic” would mean, I suppose, something like ” rule by the subnormal.” Insert your own jokes here.

  5. Harold Shipman was indeed the name that came to mind as I started reading. If then law allows it or just turns a blind eye then it becomes moral does it? And there there are doctors killing unborn children with the parent’s (singular usually) consent. And that’s moral too?
    And morality is all relative then?
    I’ll stick to that Absolute Truth shit us Catholics bang on about; you can all think me weird.

  6. I may be doing him a disservice, but didn’t PaulB (now posting under a different name) ridicule people for suggesting the the LCP was part of this sort of continuum?

  7. A couple of the Doctors need to be hanged. That would bring morality into sharp focus for these lads.

    Also it seems that these poor old people were either forgotten or not loved if they had any relatives. My Mam came home to die and only spent a very short while in hospital. Had I gone up to the hospital and discover her bed was empty cos some medical hack had given her a lethal injection without mentioning it to me I would have sought him out at once (very calmly) and crippled him for life on the spot. Perhaps living at the heart of the EU dries up human feelings or maybe the relatives didn’t give a shit anyway.

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you’re going to have euthanasia, doctors shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near it. Such an obvious conflict of interest, it amazes me people don’t see it.

    Have doctors whose job is to save your life and executioners whose job is to take it. Don’t allow them in each other’s places of work. Their customers would then know where they stood.

    No-one should have to wonder whether their doctor’s going to kill them. And, now people are, that will of course have a knock-on effect. How many people are going to suffer and die of treatable conditions because they’ll refuse to go near a doctor?

  9. Well, we have “an academic report,” so it must be true. Is the professor an anti-euthanasia activist? I don’t know, but the dailymail report is “science by press release.” I assign zero value to the report for now.

  10. @Mr Ecks. Very sound. And the very high rate of car accidents suffered by medicos suggests a fair amount of killer-crippling.

  11. “Very often doctors would not inform the families of plans to lethally inject a relation because they considered it a medical decision to be made by themselves alone”

    Fuck me, are they serious? I can see a profession that needs bringing to heel a touch.

    Shipman’ error was not doing it as part of some humdrum mass bureaucracy, but as an amateur practitioner. Schoolboy error.

  12. Its the aspect of the left I loathe the most – the “we know best” attitude.

    Apparently that now extends into judging whether your life is worth living.

    Absolute cunts, the lot of em.

  13. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The people, like me for example, who said at the time that relaxed policies surrounding euthanasia would lead to exactly this outcome were shouted down by the usual suspects. “Safeguards,” they said. “There will be safeguards. No-one who does not wish to have his life artificially shortened has anything to fear.” This is one time where saying I Told You So loses a bit of its zest.

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