They just don’t stop, do they?

Climate change threatens to undermine the last 50 years of advances in medical health, scientists have warned as they published a major report outlining the threat of global warming.
The authors from University College London and the University of Cambridge called for major policy changes to cut pollution including phasing out coal-fired plants and investing in green cities, energy and transport.
Without major change they say climate change could be ‘sufficient to trigger a discontinuity in the long-term progression of humanity.’


Politicians should also bring in carbon pricing to push up the price of high carbon goods and services to make people change their behaviour, while reducing the cost of other taxes such as VAT, boosting investment or cutting the price of low-carbon technology.
This could mean the cost of flying going up, perhaps with a hike in air passenger duty for flights after the first flight a person takes in a year, pushing up the prices of the “short hop, short-term, leisure travel, stag-parties in Barcelona”.
Professor Paul Ekins, director of the Institute for Sustainable Resources, University College London, said: “That sort of thing could become quite a bit more expensive, such that people would think twice about doing that.”

Fucking idiots. APD more than covers the social cost of emissions.

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  1. Green scammers with their noses in the trough never seem to ask for financial rewards or subsidy for the end user to change behavior, only ever increasing end user taxes. Its almost as if there is a vested interest at work. 😉

  2. “short hop, short-term, leisure travel, stag-parties in Barcelona”.

    i.e. activities of which the authors disapprove.

  3. Personally, I find the dramatic increase in ambient temperature at disembarcation in Barcelona very therapeutic. The prospect of a warmer UK also used to cheer me when I was more gullible.

  4. As this movement ever more resembles 17th century Christianity, please could they go the whole hog and introduce self-flagellation?

    If they’re a bit squeamish, I’ll lend a hand.

  5. Dongguan John: “…activities of which the authors disapprove…”

    Well, usually, ‘activities of which the authors disapprove’ when enjoyed by the hoi polloi

  6. So, if health comes from wealth and wealth comes from the easy availability of cheap, reliable energy, what does increasing the cost of energy and reducing it’s availability do to health?


    (Oh and Prof. If you’re going to argue against my initial postulates you’re gonna need to be a pretty good casuist.)

  7. I assume they all first promised never again to travel to an international conference, even when (as commonly happens) the public purse pays the APD for travelling academics.

    APD is extortionate.

  8. From the quote: “This could mean the cost of flying going up, perhaps with a hike in air passenger duty for flights after the first flight a person takes in a year”

    The thin end of the wedge to rationing. We’ll all get one flight to a climate conference in a 5-star tropical resort and then after that you’ll pay through the nose.

    APD being more than the claimed social cost of the flight emissions isn’t that surprising if you consider the the way the government rakes in revenue from smoking and drinking that is in excess of the cost of treating smokers and drinkers.

  9. It’s very reminiscent of a Telegraph article following the introduction of the London Congestion Charge, whereby the author had been to Calcutta (or Kolkota as I think it is now called?) just prior to its introduction and had suggested it to the local Indian politicians, all of whom presumed that its advocates must have been some kind of apologists for the wealthy as the initial consequence of such a policy in Calcutta (far more congested than London by all accounts) would be to make vehicular transport the preserve of the rich.

    It confirmed my suspicion that, with the arguable exception of the US, the Hard Left in Britain were probably the most stupid people in the world. A decade later and exposure to Seamus Milne, Richard Murphy, Owen Jones and others have seen nothing to change that….

  10. Even the IPCC admits that the net total heating effect due to anthropogenic carbon dioxide paus methane and nitrous oxides less the cooling effect due to aerosols and cloud formation is only 1.5W per square metre, compared to solar heating of 1,340 W per square metre (or 340 W/m2 radiation) from the earth’s surface). That is enough to lift average global temperatures by 0.3 degrees. If that is going to kill off humanity then humanity or any other species, then they really didn’t deserve to survive.

  11. This is what pisses me off about the CAGW crowd. Even if you accept all their claims about global temperatures and their causes, they add loads of ignorant shite into the mix, and then scream that anyone who disagrees with their politics or their economics is a “science denier”. Really, fuck those guys.

  12. Frankly, who gives a fuck what doctors think anyway? Greenery ( from any source) is just old fashioned puritanism re-packaged. In the past it was based on religion, anything nice is nasty, anything you enjoy is a sin etc etc. So in what way is the green crowd any different? all they want is to put us all back into a pre-industrial society, reduce our numbers by a large factor, and have the power to control our lives. Otherwise I think they are quite good really.

  13. “I would be prepared to pay more”: Richard Murphy

    Not “I would be prepared to fly less”.

    Oh no; that’s for the little people.

    Let’s rewrite for Ritchie: “I’m rich and prepared to buy the right to carry on polluting whilst lecturing others and forcing them to fly less.”

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