Two things worth a knighthood

With Ed Miliband on trumpet. Who knew?

There’s a lot of Williams’s in that but it’s Sir Gareth who goes over the line.

7 thoughts on “Two things worth a knighthood”

  1. It took the Rugby world 20 years to catch up with the standard of Rugby shown in that try. Brilliant try in a match full of unforgettable cameos ,such as Duckham’s charge. Sid Going’s AB’s played their full part as well.

  2. Poof, it’s hardly that’s only a “legend” in the UK because it’s almost the only time in that period that a UK team actually beat an All Black team.

    For sheer impact but I’ll admit not as good a build up, Jonah Lomu in the World Cup versus England. But there are many examples now of fantastic build up tries, by any of the really talented teams be they All Black, Springbok, or Australian.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    I never tire of seeing that try and listening to the commentary and its nothing to do with who the teams were, it was outstanding rugby at a time when stuffing the ball up the jumper in a mud bath was the usual fare.

    Some of those head high tackles, especially the one at the start of the clip, would receive a citation and very length ban nowadays.

  4. Sorry, but I do rather regard “knighthood” as something to be awarded for carrying a big sword to smite the king’s enemies. And maybe protecting damsels fair And then there’s dragons, of course. But, barring the odd mother-in-law, in short supply these days. Much like damsels fair, come to think of it.
    But for making a lot of money selling records? Or playing a really stupid game?
    Purest, unadulterated wank.

  5. theoldgreenfascist

    Anyone who accepts a Knighthood, or any other honour for that matter, is just a big tosspot.

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