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As Guido reports

I know this is really small beer, but thought I would write to you on the off-chance. Maybe you have some other information this adds to or it will lead you to something. It wouldn’t surprise me if … is at the very least using his perks to the absolute maximum- quite possibly beyond. Who are these large parties on the terrace and why so many of them? If Parliament’s a gravy train he’s always struck me as being in First Class.

9 thoughts on “As Guido reports”

  1. Meet and greets for new Labour Party members. There’s a lot of new members and the Labour Party want to do as much as they can to get them to stick around after the leadership election..

  2. He’s a rum one, is Vaz: borough solicitor during the Elm Lodge thing, advisor to another council mired in child sex abuse, public supporter of Janner, and back in the headlines again now with this (admittedly small) abuse of power.

    Mind you, I think the small things rather define a person’s character.

    In other news: what was that thing in the Sun yesterday? I saw someone saying that there were only 3 possible suspects (based on the detail in the story)- elected in the 80’s, former cabinet member, senior Labour mp.

  3. Vaz doesn’t seem to me to be the sort of chap who sails close to the wind. I imagine that he tacks across it quite often.

  4. Perhaps they were in a rush to get to one of those baby-murdering parties that are presently all the rage.

  5. According to the press, apparently so. I also didn’t spot a thread a couple of posts down talking about the story: probably should have made a comment there.

    I think the story got run as a headline precisely because the accused is apparently a household name

  6. “I didn’t mind too much and still enjoyed the time, but my girlfriend was really disappointed that we were not outside on the terrace by the river as she planned.”

    Blimey. Tell them to sod off, then. I’ve yet to move tables in a restaurant without a round of drinks on the house. I’ve twice had no offer, and my response is that I’ll stay where I am, thanks.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    July 20, 2015 at 10:16 am
    Vaz doesn’t seem to me to be the sort of chap who sails close to the wind. I imagine that he tacks across it quite often.”

    Being mindful that picking up Dearmie, of all people, on pedantic points leaves me open to one of the sods laws ….

    We sail across the wind but tack through it.

    Should’a gone to Dartmouth 😉

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