I have just been awarded a grant (of which more anon when paperwork is all tied up) where part of the application by me says:

The project aims … to move tax justice debate on from … current major themes of tax havens, tax avoidance by multinational corporations and the impact of these issues on development to how tax can also be used in domestic economies in the UK and elsewhere to build strong and resilient economies that can meet more of their needs from the tax revenues that they can fairly raise from the economic activity that takes place within their jurisdiction in ways that are compatible with other social and economic aims, including the building of long term sustainability and wealth creation.

Bankruptcy delayed is a pleasure foregone.

18 thoughts on “Bugger”

  1. I’d have nothing to do with anyone who uses meaningless jargon like “strong and resilient economies” and “sustainable”. They’re obviously quangocrats. As for “neoliberal”, the word makes me throw up.

  2. “So what idiot is giving him this grant then?”

    Good odds on some left-wing AstroTurf group masquerading as “civil society”.

  3. It will be (At least indirectly) the taxpayer – as I have an acquaintance who has worked with him. All the relevant projects he undertakes come from quangoes or other taxpayer funded ‘charities’ – if he had to rely on the private sector he’d be living in a cardboard box.

  4. Philip Scott Thomas

    Hopefully he will spend the cash on some full stops.

    LOL Brilliant. I mentally ran out of breath reading that twaddle.

  5. I can’t tell if he’s simply assuming the ‘fair’ tax argument has already been won, or if he’s given up on it and is looking for a smooth (paid-for) transition to a grab-bag of ‘for the cheeeldren’ special pleading.

    Rob, he may have blown the budget on those ellipses – they look expensive. To the reader, anyway.

  6. Not that hard to get a grant.
    Its language, outputs, outcomes and being believeable. Any moderately anal human with a good grasp of english and ability to use buzzwords can do it.
    I did it for 7 years.

  7. Long, grammar-free political rants are generally a very bad sign. Lots of clues about a person’s character can be picked up from them.

  8. Philip Scott Thomas

    It’s like those signs in an art museum describing the piece on display. There’s a direct correlation between the frequency of abstract nouns and the degree of driviality.

  9. Philip Scott Thomas invites us to contemplate our position and relationship in time and society, contrasting angular motifs with a linear non-motion of thematic quasi-stochastic elements, so deriving a meta-harmony from chaotic fragmentations of the paradigmatic space.

  10. “So what idiot is giving him this grant then?”

    Probably one of the Rowntree trusts, at a guess.

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