Dear God, The Guardian and facts, eh?

The 1920 Jones Act requires Puerto Rican ports only do business with American ships, prohibiting deals with many of the island’s Latin American neighbors and giving American shipping companies almost total control of prices.

The Jones Act is pretty bad, yes, but that’s just nonsense. For it covers movements between American ports and American ports only. So, trade between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, as an example, is entirely unaffected.

Please, get these things right, they’re important.

Bonus point, the Jones Act is very like the Navigation Acts that we Brits imposed upon the colonials: you know, one of the things the Revolutionary War was all about?

6 thoughts on “Dear God, The Guardian and facts, eh?”

  1. This is the same Jones act that prevented European oil companies deploying their cleanup gear in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico spill a couple of years back, iirc.

    The Euros couldn’t be allowed to work, since they would have needed to dock repeatedly at US ports and were thus travelling from US port to US port.


  2. So Much for Subtlety

    Rumour has it bananas from the French Caribbean not only have to move in a French ship, they have to be shipped to Metropolitan France first, and then shipped back out.

    I doubt it is true, but knowing the French it might be.

    This is just part of the on-going Political Correct assumption that only White people are to blame for anything. Non-White people are perpetual victims. So Puerto Rico’s problems have to be laid at the feet of the Mainland, one way or the other, because people like Ironman will not tolerate anyone suggesting that perhaps the people of Puerto Rico contribute in any way to their own problems.

  3. I doubt it is true, but knowing the French it might be.

    I doubt it too. For most purposes, the French don’t see much difference between metropolitan France and the DOM-TOMs.

  4. “trade between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, as an example, is entirely unaffected.”

    Not “entirely” as it prevents non-US ships doing PR-DR-US triangular runs. But, yes, the Guardian got it wrong.

  5. So Much for Subtlety

    Judge – “But, yes, the Guardian got it wrong.”

    Virtually every country all over the world reserves cabotage for their own vessels. The countries that I can think of off hand who do (or did last I heard) include: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, South Korea as well as the US.

    And, needless to say, the entire EU. Which have agreed to share their cabotage so that a German ship can carry goods from the mainland to the Isle of Man.

    Can anyone think of any other island whose entire economic problems have been put down to this?

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