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Did a Labour MP really just say this?

The Labour MP, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I am completely innocent of these outrageous accusations. They are malicious and unfounded. I have never abused any young boys. I am not some kind of Jimmy Savile figure. I am not gay, I am happily married.

Once that name does get out there will be hell to pay. For of course “gay” and “paedophile” are not synonyms, are they?

18 thoughts on “Did a Labour MP really just say this?”

  1. Eh, Cameron got away with it when Philip Schofield ambushed him on live TV with a list of paedos he found on the internet.

    Course, Jimmy Savile wasn’t gay either.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I assume the name is already being bandied about the seamier corners of the Twatterverse.

  3. In America, black people African Americans are allowed to use the N-word with impunity. Over here, the Left can make all sorts of dodgy insinuations and nobody will bad an eyelid.

  4. He’s simply claiming that as a “straight” man he wouldn’t be interested in males sexually, whatever their age. The Savile example is his reference to the age matter. He’s not saying gay = paedophile.

  5. Lets’s give him the benefit of the doubt:

    He is denying two separate allegations: (1) that he abused underage boys and (2) that he used rent boys (article doesn’t allege their age, but no reason to assume they were underage)

    So he can say I’m not a paedo in response to (1) and I’m not gay in response to (2).

    Only the hotheads will conflate the two.

    And to be honest, if I’d been falsely accused of this kind of thing then I wouldn’t be falling over myself to avoid offending others.

  6. I think it’s really all an attempt to say “Elect a woman leader; they are less exposed to this sort of shenanigan”.

  7. He isn’t a Tory, so no one will bat an eyelid. No tactical advantage in turning the outrageometer up to eleven.

  8. “The MP said of his accuser: ‘I know which Conservative MP is making these untrue claims and I will get revenge on him. He is worth millions and I intend to sue him for every penny.’”

    Didn’t a Labour MP report it too? I thought two MPs contacted police.

    Anyway, not convinced you can sue someone for passing onto the police serious allegations made by someone else.

  9. There’s an article in the Tox Dadger that I’ve just looked at about the antics of Lord Sewer. Nowhere does it mention that he’s a Labour man.

  10. Political scum of all sides accepted the allegations against Saville as true without making any attempt to look deeper into the matter. They did nothing to stop the Saville panic or they actively tried to boost themselves by using it.

    Only now, that the dirty work of the femmi-commissars has come around to bite them on the arse they are upset . If they end up with trial by media/kangaroo court they have only themselves to blame.

    Dearime:”I think it’s really all an attempt to say “Elect a woman leader;”

    That is exactly the plan at every level of power from party leader to Prime Fuckwit. Smear all–or as many as possible– of the men. Enough to cast doubt on all the rest–and put some femmi skank in the job.

    “they are less exposed to this sort of shenanigan”.

    This is the mythology the femmis want everyone to believe.

  11. dearieme,

    To be fair, he quit the Labour party a few years ago.

    And if someone wants to spend a bit of their salary on hookers and occassional blow, I couldn’t give a fuck about what party they are from.

    Although I doubt that he could find a £200-a-night hooker in London like the Telegraph claimed. If one exists, she would probably look like Biffa Bacon’s mother.

  12. He, whoever he may be, says he hasn’t abused young boys. He says nothing about young girls. So that’s alright then.

  13. I think that’s taking forensic interpretation of speech a bit far. For once he may well have been speaking unthinkingly. A rare lapse for a politician.

  14. “To be fair, he quit the Labour party a few years ago.” Only because his post in the Lords’ required him too. He may no longer take the Labour whip, but he is undoubtedly a “Labour man”, as the Tox Dadger very well knows. It simply censored the fact.

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