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Donald Trump restores faith in democracy

Any damn fool can run for President: any damn fool is.

24 thoughts on “Donald Trump restores faith in democracy”

  1. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The Washington GOP has been entirely co-opted by the Beltway donor class and is no longer fit for purpose. As an example, it exhibited an utter dereliction of duty in this dreadful Iran deal so that it could play stupid electoral games later while not rocking the boat in the short term. Now we are looking best case at a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and worst case at a second Jewish genocide. Trump is an expression, inchoate and buffoonish to be sure, of the rage that so many people on the right in the US see as the squandering of the opportunities Republican control of Congress provides. As Gamecock says, if he can be used as an involuntary stalking horse for a more serious figure (e.g. Ted Cruz) then he will have done everyone a favour.

  2. He may be a fool but he’s a Colossus compared to the other political pygmies.

    I mean really, vote for the utterly corrupt Hilary Clinton because she has a vagina?

    Or waste your vote on one of the republicans sans morals, principles backbone etc as everyone else has observed?

    Whenever I think the UK political scene is fucked, I only have to look at the clown show in the US….

  3. I can only hope that most of his support is the Republican base shouting at the GOP: “Up yours!”

  4. Well yes…

    It’s entertaining to watch and listen to both somebody prominent in US politics using what seem to be his own words and the copious amounts of progressive vitriol being hosed in his direction.

    He’s an effective shit magnet and he seems to be diluting / splitting the shout-down effort of the left. He’s well used to knocks and well…. the more they insult and vilify him – the more space there is for other voices – a strange setup – but that’s how I see it at the moment.

    The prospect of the amazon that liberated Sarajevo single-handed being in the Oval Office surrounded by her family does not fill me with optimism…. Another Arkansas pol- Mike Huckabee is the sanest of the present crop that I’ve seen (I ain’t seen a lot but I might put £5 on his nose)

  5. Yep, the Republican base shouting “up yours” to the GOP leadership, that’s the way to go in 2016. ‘Cos the Reublican base has clearly decided it wants a Democrat in the White House and the GOP to be unelectable.

    So.let’s go for a Barack Obama birther shall we.

  6. “let’s go for a Barack Obama birther shall we” : the “birthing” stuff was started by a Hellary supporter during the tussle for the Democrat candidacy.

    Personally, I think there’s no chance that O was born in
    Kenya, but I’d still like to know what he’s hiding about his life. Even more, I’d like to know who knows and what use they make of that knowledge.

  7. ‘Cos the Reublican base has clearly decided it wants a Democrat in the White House and the GOP to be unelectable.

    If you’re going to end up with a socialist in the White House regardless of how you vote, it might as well be a Democrat.

    The funny part is that you think there’d be any meaningful difference between a mainstream Republican President and a mainstream Democrat President. Both will be owned by the same people.

  8. dearieme

    “Personally, I think there’s no chance that O was born in
    Kenya, but I’d still like to know what he’s hiding about his life. Even more, I’d like to know who knows and what use they make of that knowledge.”

    Agree, it’s quite a curious thing. He’s either gaming it very skilfully knowing that the noise helps him even though there is nothing hidden at all, or there is something interesting in there that he doesn’t want out. Hopefully history will catch up sometime, if it’s the former I’d say he was a much better politician that I had believed.

  9. Sam Adams the Dog

    “Democracy: The theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” – H. L. Mencken

  10. @dearieme,

    the narcissist Obama has autobiogged every minute of his existence. Sure there will be some details left out, but I honestly don’t think he is interesting enough as a person to have any real skeletons. He’s wanted this job since he was a sperm in his daddy’s ballsack and won’t have done too much to compromise it.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the smoking really is his biggest vice.

  11. Also, been a while since there hasn’t been a “damn fool” in the oval office. The incumbent and King George II made Clinton look good, which takes some doing.

  12. Trump is a Hillary donor and has supported lots of Democrat positions.

    There’s no need for America – a nation of immigrants – to worry about immigration.

    What America needs to do is to increase freedom and opportunity and sort out its insane criminal justice system.

  13. @dearieme: Regardless of whether Obama was US born, he ‘identifies’ as a Kenyan Muslim in the same way that the Kaitlin bloke identifies as a woman.

  14. Obama started the birther shit. He claimed to be Kenyan in school, to get the advantages given to foreign students. HE said he was from Kenya for 15 years.

  15. I’ve applied for loads of jobs where I’ve had to prove I’m eligible, usually by providing my passport. If I don’t, I can’t get the job. I happen to think the birth requirement for the Presidency is out of date and should be scrapped, but, as long as it does exist, it should be enforced. What pissed me off about the whole thing was the usual one-rule-for-us-another-for-them shit. If there was a condition, Obama should have provided proof that he met it before he was allowed to take office. You know, like any American citizen would have to for any other job.

  16. I suspect they retain the rule to keep Arnie out of the white house.

    I never understood the brouhaha since Obama’s first opponent was born in Panama and made no secret of the fact.

  17. I’m not sure he is any more a damn fool than any of the competition, and he’d certainly add to the gaiety of nations, rather in the way Berlusconi did.

    As I may have said before, anyone and anything is preferable to that woman.

  18. @Andrew Duffin,

    I think we have to get beyond the “anyone but” mentality, sad that we have to resort to it.

    He’ll do because he’s not Billary.
    Billary’ll do because she’s not Obama.
    Obama will do because he’s not Bush II.

    And so on.

    Can’t we set our sights a little higher than someone who isn’t merely the hated incumbent?

  19. Any damn rich fool can enter the current presidential race. But any damn fool can start soliciting donations and support in order to get enough money to enter a future presidential race.

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