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Feminist idiot is idiot

Could a woman ever have won the affection of Reddit – the closest thing the internet has to a frat house? With the resignation of Ellen Pao as interim chief executive of the link-sharing and discussion site, we may never know. Because which woman would be brave and foolish enough to take on a high-profile role at the site now?

Amazingly, large parts pf the site went dark in protest over the firing of the bird that ran the AMA section.

So, yes, some bint could and did win the affection of Reddit. Just not this bint.

Interestingly, of the 75 comments so far, absolutely all of them are making some variation of this very point.

9 thoughts on “Feminist idiot is idiot”

  1. ‘So, yes, some bint could and did win the affection of Reddit. Just not this bint.’

    Too much to expect a shaft of blinding recognition on this subject…

  2. Ellen Pao said she went because she did not think she cld dlvr the user growth the board requested. Her approach like a publican taking over a failing pub was to bar a few loutish locals in the hope it would attract a nicer more profitable set. This may have been right idea but the weakness is that if you rely on volunteers for your workforce you have to take account of their wants and desires. She didnt. She may not have been able to with her resources. Doesnt matter now. Now everyone will make mileage out of her failure by blaming sexism or feminism take your pick.

  3. Women simply aren’t used to taking responsibility for their own failures. Their sense of their own infallibility leads them to try and transfer any blame on the nearest man/ men. If feminists are genuinely after equality (they’re not), then they need to ‘man-up’ and stop whining whenever a woman is sacked or criticised for their incompetence or terrible behavior.

  4. @ Jonathan
    Don’t talk rot.
    MOST women take responsibility for their own failures – it is just Guardianistas of either sex who blame men fopr the failure of women. I must add that some Guardianistas write for the FT – the category is not defined their employer but by their attitude.

  5. @ Rob
    Been married for just over 30 years.
    Maybe I made a better choice than you (or I was lucky when she made a choice).

  6. @ Jonathan
    Lousy lifetime then!
    Over the last 60+ years I have known tens of thousands of women (some well, most slightly). The relatively small minority who try to pass the blame for their failures on the nearest man/men are high visibility but quite few in number – especially in segregated sports, but even in non-segregated ones like the marathon, you never hear Paula Radcliffe blaming Mo Farah.
    Much more common are the ones who parrot “behind every successful man is a good woman”.
    Of course the nasty minority are the most memorable – I can still remember a couple of examples from forty years ago – but the numbers are relatively tiny.

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