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Greek bailout

We get to pay for it. Ain’t that nice.

We dodge the stupidity of the euro but we still have to pay for it.

Fuck ’em, time to go.

8 thoughts on “Greek bailout”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    We told them it was a bad idea and we still have to pay for it?

    Although “have to” is the wrong formulation. The more accurate version is that our Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Leadership can’t wait to sell us out and they will make us pay.

    Rope, lamp post etc etc.

  2. Cameron paying E1 billion of UK taxpayers cash to prop up the Euro is a gift to Brexit. So the colleagues will likely let him off the hook.

  3. It appears the resurrection of the EFSM is a matter for qualified majority voting, so we wouldn’t get a veto on the EU going back on the “political commitment” not to use EU budget funds (including UK’s) to guarantee loans to Greece…

  4. If Osborne has any balls, he should just hand over an IOU for £1Bn due to be paid after the referendum vote, and only then if its a vote to stay. What are they going to do kick us out!

  5. It is said that the decision to re-acxtivate the EFSM needs a 85% majority. The Eurozone does not comprise 85% of the population of the EU. Why should Poland vote in favour?

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